10 Bags Every Woman Should Own

Handbags are the perfect fashion accessory & you can never have too many!

1. Classic Black Bag

You can never go wrong with a classic black bag. You can wear it to work, school, shopping, meetings, interviews - you get the point. This is a bag that will be able to withstand the trends.

2. Day Wristlet

For when you don't want the big bags but still need your necessities - great for those quick stops to to the convenient stores.

3. Neutral Tone

This is the perfect bag to go with any outfit and will pretty much carry anything and everything you want it to. Also, if you do a lot of traveling - you will find this bag to be your bff.

4. Casual Crossbody

Everyone needs a casual crossbody bag in their life. So convenient for those brunch dates & shopping trips.

5. Metallic/Embroidered Clutch

A must-have going out look for special evenings - black tie events or weddings.

6. Chained Bag

For when you're feeling a little fabulous. Chained bags are so chic and they will always glam up your look.

7. Just For Fun Bag

This is the bag to show your unique style - whether it be fringes, color blocking, or even fur. Pick something that you will love in a style that works for you.

8. Pop of Color Bag

Step out of your comfort zone and try adding a pop of color to brighten up your look. Bright colors are scientifically proven to make us happier - so adding a couple of this to your collection is actually good for you

9. The Weekender

Who doesn't love a weekend getaway?! Find an oversized bag that will make you feel chic while traveling.

10. Stylish Backpack

Backpacks are no longer just for school. They are incredibly functional and comfortable for women as a fashion accessory.