10 DIY Special Anniversary Gifts

Need anniversary gift ideas? From the 1st anniversary to the 60th, use this list of creative and special anniversary gifts as your guide. We hope these DIY ideas inspire you to create the perfect gift for him, or her! And we know how to make a unique handmade romantic gift from very simple materials!

1. Wheel Of Good Fortune

You can use your old bike wheel. With disposable pictures hung with clothespins.


2. Love Vouchers


Love Vouchers are a classic romantic gift. You'll need: coupon template, pen or marker, hole punch, ribbon.

3. Booze Bouquet


This is one of the easiest to make DIY gifts! You will Need: a vase or planter, many trial size bottles of booze, wooden skewers, strong double sided tape or glue dots, sturdy Foam, decorations.

4. Things I Love About You Deck of Cards


5. Love Lock


Engrave or scratch you and your loved one's initials into the lock along with anything else that's significant. First date, wedding date, anniversary date, etc.

6. The Game of Love


It's time to play the Game of Love! ;)

7. Photo Jar


Gorgeous idea for displaying pictures at the reception and easily usable in your home afterwards. You'll TOTALLY doing this for Christmas gifts! (mason jar + picture + olive oil = a really really cool gift!)

8. The Happy Jar


The idea is to fill the jar with little notes which will lift the spirits of the reader, or make them smile. But don't let that restrict you!

9. Reasons Why I Love You Butter Cups


You can fill a jar with 50 pieces of favorite candy (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). On the bottom of each candy, you can use a round “garage sale” sticker and write on each one a reason why you love him/her!

10. Personalized Mug


This is one of the cheapest gift you can make. You will need: white mug, sharpie marker- any color(s) , oven.