10 DIY Ways To Upgrade Your Shades

1. Beaded Beauties

Studs and Pearls / Via studs-and-pearls.com

Block the summer sun with stylish shades! Whether its beads or pearls, gold or glitter, there are many creative flares you can add to those plain janes.

2. Chain Gang

By Hand London / Via byhandlondon.com

Want to add some flare to your plain jane shades? All you need is beads, wire and glue to add glamor to your shades. Measure out how many beads it will take per the width of your glasses and start placing them on the wire. Using a sheet of grid paper to map out the design is a great place to start. Don’t want stripes? Try zig-zag or wavy designs.

3. Go For Baroque

Chriselle Lim / Via youtube.com

Like to show of your style with flare? These embellished beauties are easy to make with the right tools. Make from scratch or hit up thrift or antique stores for baroque style trimmings.

4. Epic Cat Eyes

Carly Cais / Via kollabora.com

Love the 50′s? Cat eyes glasses were all the rage and are making a come back. Add flare to your cat eye shades with gems and beads galore. Pick the gems and beads of your choice and glue them to the rims of the glasses.

5. Two Tones

PS I Made This / Via ps-imadethis.tumblr.com

Have a hard time making a decision? Try making your own shades with two of colors. All you need is tape and nail polish. Start with the top by placing the tape with the top at the middle point. Paint the top. Once dry remove the tape and paint the remaining portion the second color. Want to be daring? Try an ombre effect.

6. Glitteratti

See Kate Sew / Via kollabora.com

Want to shine bright? Add some extra luster to your shades with glitter. Cover the rims of your glasses with glue and sprinkle away. But be sure to get the entire surface for an even twinkle effect.

7. The Lace Race

Audrey Kitching / Via audrey.buzznet.com

Get creative with lace shades. Carefully pop out the lenses of your shades. Place glue around the inner side of the glasses in small dots to avoid seeping. Place lace on top of the glue and let dry. The voila you have lovely lace shades that will make Lady Gaga jealous.

8. Like a Lady

Mr Kate / Via mrkate.com

Perk up your shades with pearls. You will need flat back pearls and glue. This style works best on cat eye glasses or any pair with a large enough surface to place the pearls. Glue the pearls onto the outer top part of your shades and let dry.

9. Rhinestone Cowboy

Paper Blog / Via en.paperblog.com

Add awesome embellishments to your shades with rhinestones. All you need is the rhinestone of your choice, super glue, and toothpicks. Place the glue along the top rim of the glasses in short sections. Using the toothpick place your rhinestones along the curve of the glasses. Let dry. Want more embellishment? Add some gold piping.

10. Flower Child

Sheri Pavlovic / Via kollabora.com

Love flowers and funky styles? Use that flower power to create a fantastic pair of shades. All you need is a batch or flower appliques and glue. Add glue to the rim of your shades in droplets and place flowers. Be sure to measure the flowers along the rim before placing and allowing the glue to dry.