10 Easy to Make Mini Desserts

1. Shot Glasses

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Shot glasses are a perfect size for a dessert that are beautiful and will not wreak havoc on your waist-line. They hold anything from a hot fudge sundae to a refreshing key lime pie (also known as “sunshine on a plate/glass”). Making key lime from scratch may take about an hour and involves condensed milk, lime juice, butter and egg yolks.

2. Apple Pie

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A warm fruit dessert such as a hot apple pie or grilled Peach Melba is perfect to serve your Valentine on a cool winter night. These recipes are easy to prepare and should take less than 10 minutes each to create.

3. Chocolate Kiss

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Another mini dessert would a “chocolate kiss”. A few store-bought chocolate kisses and a bit of chocolate cake topped with whipped cream is the perfect ending (or beginning) to a night filled with romance.

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4. Cheesecake

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Love cheesecake? Me too!! To make elegant mini desserts, cube a premade cheese and add it to mini serving cups, top with strawberries (or your favorite fruit) and whipped cream. Instead of cheesecake, use pound cake to make mini strawberry shortcakes.

5. Jell-O Sunrise Shooters

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Take the campfire inside by making a “Smore’s Shooter” for your kids next sleep-over or “Jell-O Sunrise Shooters” (all you need is a box of apricot flavored Jell-O, a splash of Grenadine).

6. Peanut butter Chocolate Dessert

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Peanut butter and chocolate have been successfully paired for generations and miniaturizing them doesn’t take away from the delicate/delicious treats. A dozen Oreo (or any chocolate based cookie), heavy cream, cream cheese, powdered sugar and of course creamy peanut butter will be combined to make this wonderful mini dessert.

7. Tiramisu

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Tiramisu is an Italian favorite dessert and served in upper class restaurants, but now you can serve it to the adults in your own home. All you need are some lady fingers, Kahlua liquor and vanilla pudding.

8. Shooter Dessert

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“Shooter” desserts are nothing new; it is just taking your favorite dessert and assembling them in a different way. Restaurants have been getting the “shooter” band wagon and been offering this mini dessert option to customers for a while now. It is also common to find these easy to make mini desserts at wedding receptions, baby showers and intimate dinner parties.

Disposable mini cups are available a local “dollar” type retail shops and also on the internet (EBay, Amazon and other sites). The size options are endless, they are available in mini martini glasses, tall 3 ounce glasses, or mini bowls. Pick the type of shot glass that will display your dessert in the most pleasing possible manner.

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9. Mini Phyllo Desserts

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Mini Phyllo dough cups are great to fill with anything possible (lemon curd, whipped cream with a sprinkle of nuts, or a light mousse) for a quick and easy mini dessert.

10. Cake Balls

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Cake balls are not only easy, but they are versatile as well because of the variety of cake flavors, colored chocolate (can be adapted for school colors, and baby showers) and coatings (such as coconut, sprinkles and nuts) available.