10 Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2013

New York City, London, Milan and Paris are considered to be the four fashion capitals of the world as they are the home base to many popular fashion corporations that have been said to have a great impact on the global fashion. The word fashion is a term that refers to the current styles in accessories, footwear and clothing. Fashion is considered to a form of art (with clothes), when we see what a large group of individuals are wearing on a daily basis, it provides other with insight about the current culture and lifestyle of a particular society.

We always want to look our best, whatever the season or occasion. The fashion trends for this Fall/Winter consist of the following:

1. Skirts

Image source: vogue

A Skirt, that is neutral color, is a must have for every ladies wardrobe. A perfect fitting skirt can be dressed up or dressed down.

2. Capes

Capes are nothing more than an oversize coat, but the fashion statement is elegant and feminine. Choose one that reaches your mid-calf to keep your warm against winter winds.

3. Over the Thigh Boots

As the cooler weather approaches, boots are in season. Over the knee boots are making a fashion comeback this year. It is not only fashionable, but provides you extra warmth as the temperature outside drops.

4. Hats

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Hats are not only fashionable, but functional. All types of hats, like a bowler and fedora, have made a big impression in this year’s Fall fashion runways.

5. Leather

Leather gloves and boots are familiar to all, but you will be seeing more leather skirts and jackets this winter season.

6. Slogan Sweaters

Make a statement without uttering a word by wearing a shirt/sweater with your favorite logo or belief statement for all to see.

7. Chunky Necklace

A big chain necklace is tending this autumn season and is very fashionable when worn with a plain knitted top or even a basic t-shirt.

8. Wrist Cuffs

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If bracelets are more your style, this year the wide cuff is sure make an impact on many people. The trick here is to avoid wearing other jewelry when showing off your cuff. You can find some great bracelet ideas in the article 10 Fashionable DIY Bracelets

9. Shoes Shine

Fashionable DIY shoes tutorials

Metallic clothing (dresses and full length jackets) is a difficult fashion statement for anyone to pull off, but owning a pair of metallic shoes will add a touch of sparkle to your entire wardrobe and easily go with any outfit already in your closet. You can also find some shoe inspiration in our article Fashionable DIY shoes tutorials

10. Handbags

Big, hobo style handbags are out and sleek, box sized handbags will be seen everywhere this Fall/Winter season. There is no need to carry around the “kitchen sink” and everything else with you wherever you go, a lunch box sized pocketbook is the fashion trend this year.

11. Conclusion

Fashions are ever-changing and it can be challenging to keep up with the recent trend, what is popular today could be “out” tomorrow. Choose the best style that fits your personality and wear clothes that are flattering to your body type.