10 Most Fabulous Beaches in the World

1. Seychelles

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This beach is one of the most fabulous beaches in the world. You can go here and do some of everything. The pink sand sparkles along the backdrop of towering boulders. This is a great beach to get married on and or take the family. Your vacation will be full of magic and wonder when you step on foot on this always photographed beach.

2. Bora Bora Tahiti

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The beach of Tahiti which is known as Bora Bora has been one that many talk about all the time. You will see why this beach is the most talked about and loved. One this beach makes up part of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. You will love the wonderful atmosphere when it comes to Bora Bora and your family will love it too.

3. Maldives

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This is a perfect destination for someone that has a dream beach. You will love the resorts and the sandy beach structure. When you take a swim you will be able to see the tropical fish which is like 80 plus of them swimming around. If you are not going to swim long make sure that you do some sightseeing instead.

4. Hamptons New York

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Hamptons New York is a nice Island that runs east to the Island called Montauk. New York is a huge city with a lot of different opportunities, but if you are looking for a vacation then you are in the right place. This lovely Island looks great and it has everything that you would ever want. You can relax here and see the beach just unfold before your eyes. Make sure that you take a dip in the water before you head home. Many of these have nice living resorts that you can stay in while you are relaxing.

5. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

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Lanikai Beach, Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit and take the edge off. The shore is protected by coral reef that keeps the coast relatively calm. This beach is really wonderful and if you love Hawaii you can rest assure that you will love this beach. Lanikai is a beach you will be able to just relax and just have the time you want to yourself.

6. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

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The waters here are very relaxing and calm. You will be staring into the clear blue sea while relaxing on the beach in Massachusetts. You really do not want to miss the sunsets when it comes to the Nantucket Island. You will love the fact that you can relax here and just take some time to breath through the sunset.

7. Fraser Island, Australia

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Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand Island. This Island is nice and if you like seeing the beautiful water and beautiful sand then you are at the right place. Australia is a wonderful place, so if you want to sightsee after viewing this wonderful beach then you are in for a great afternoon. There are a lot of rain forests that run about 1,664 kilometers and they are full of old trees and other wonderful life.

8. St. Bart's

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St. Bart's is one beach you and your family will love. If relaxing is something you want then you have found the right place to be. There are so many different beaches out there, but this one is nice and it can be a place you would love to go. The Caribbean is a really nice place to actually sit and relax. You will love the French chic look.

9. Langkawi Malaysia

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Langkawi means "Land of one’s wishes" This is another great beach you can count on when you want to relax and when you are ready to take a nice vacation. Taking a nice trip to Malaysia will be something fun and exciting. You will love the sight of the beach and a lot more. You will love the nice clear waters and white sand. You will even love the green forests that are surrounding the beach as well. When you are not swimming make sure to go see the forests around the area.

10. Kauna'oa Bay, Hawaii

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Kauna'oa Bay is a wonderful beach in Hawaii. This is one of the best Hawaiian spots that you can go to when you are wanting a nice vacation away. This crescent shaped beach has nice white sand and a lot of other features that you will find very relaxing. Hawaii is a nice place to be when you do not have to be anywhere else in the world.