10 Perfect DIY Cupcake Toppers for Your Next Party

Add a special touch to your delicious cupcakes with these stunning Cupcake Topper Ideas.

1. Balloon Topper

Tutorial on studiodiy.com

What’s better than decorating even your cupcakes with balloons? For these projects you need cardstock, paper clips, scissors and double stick tape. Straighten the paper clips in order to get a straight line, and then make it a little but curvy. Make balloons by cutting the cardstock – you’ll need two balloons for one topper. Use the double stick tape to secure the balloon onto the paper clip and then add the other balloon – sandwich them with the clip in between. It’s recommended to wash well the paper clips before you start making the toppers.

2. Paper Flower Topper

Tutorial on craftberrybush.com

These gentle cupcake toppers can be especially perfect if you’re celebrating a baby shower, Mother’s day or birthday party for baby girl. For these toppers you need cardstock in more colors, toothpicks, mini pom-poms, tissue paper in more colors, adhesive tape glider (scrapbook adhesive), scissors, hole punch and hot glue. Cut out flower templates from each cardstock. Use a hole punch to make small holes into the center of every flower and slide each onto a toothpick. Apply just a little bit of glue on the tip of the toothpicks and top with mini pom – poms, while sliding the flowers to the top.

3. Chinese Paper Lantern Topper

Tutorial on homemadebanana.com

If you want to add some oriental touch to your party, then making these Chinese paper lantern toppers are the real deal! To make these toppers, make sure you have varying shades of red and pink cardstock, gold wire, gold beads, metallic gold gel pen, gold embroidery thread, gold eye pins, gold jump rings and glue. Start by printing the free template offered on the web – site (link below the picture) and cut the shape out on cardstock. Draw designs on the outside with the gel pen and glue the cube. Poke holes on the top and bottom of the cube and thread an eye pin through. Add bead on top, close the pin with loop and attach a tassel to the bottom of the eye pin. You need a gold wire, make it in the shape of candy cane and loop the end.

4. Feather Topper

Tutorial on makelifelovely.com

For this glittery feathers, you will need Sizzix Big Shot die cut machine and Tim Holtz Writing Desk die, or if you don’t have these, make sure you have similar. Besides the machines, you need skewers, gold glitter paper and twine. Make the feather cupcake toppers and use thin wire or string to wrap the bottom of each feather to the top of each skewer, while facing the feather upside down. Wrap the twine around few times and tie a knot at the top. If you need to, cut off extra twine and the extra bottom of the skewer, depending on how long you want the feather toppers to be.

5. Heart Toppers

Tutorial on minted.com

There is still time for Valentine’s day, but you don’t have to wait for it to surprise a beloved one. If you would like to make these, you need watercolor paints, watercolor paper, scissors, brush, toothpicks and tape. Start by painting brushstrokes in pink and purple and let it dry. Draw 2 inch hearts and cut the shapes. Tape toothpick on the back of each heart and next thing is placing them on the cupcakes!

6. Wire Heart Toppers

Tutorial on blog.potterybarn.com

If pink watercolored hearts weren’t your thing, then you should give a try to these wire hearts. What you need is gold wire, needle nose pliers, wire cutters and mini wood dowels. Use the pliers to wrap wire at least two times around the end of dowel. Bend the wire into heart shape and use again the pliers to pinch the center of the heart. Make other adjustment if you need and then just cut off the extra wire. Your toppers are ready in to time!

7. Moon & Owl Topper

Tutorial on thegraphicsfairy.com

A little bit of Halloween theme it is, but if you print it out in other color it can be perfect! Click the link to get the owl image, but for this project you will also need a digital software and maybe some skills working on it, to add the moon as well. After you have this, you can print it out. Use two templates for each topper. Apply a little bit glue on the bottom of each template and place a toothpick in between. Let it dry and then you can use your toppers.

8. Gold Lettered Toppers

Tutorial on puresweetjoy.com

So far we have showed you hearts, balloons, cubes and different shapes and colors, so now let’s stick to words. To make your own word toppers, you’ll need adhesive or glue gun, spray paint, florists wire, acetate and Free Silhouette cut files, that you can download for free from the original website. Cut the images, lay them face down on paper and spray with adhesive. Add a little bit of glue and stick the wire to the most vertical line you can find. If you want more glitter, spray with spray adhesive. Allow it to dry, and then spray with spray paint, both sides but let the first one dry before proceeding to the other.

9. Watermelon Toppers

Tutorial on curiosityandcake.com

Thinking of a summer backyard party? Then here are the toppers that would perfectly match the mood. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend your time on creating watermelon templates. Instead, just download the free templates from the original website on a cardstock and cut the shapes. Fold the circle in order to have the watermelon shape. Use glue or double sided tape to secure a toothpick at the preferred angle. That’s it!

10. Glitter Football Helmets

Tutorial on thesweetestoccasion.com

Let’s finish this article with some sports. Make sure you have the following supplies: mini football helmets, various colors of glitter, ModPodge or decoupage glue, paint brush and clear coat or spray sealant (glossy is best). Coat the mini helmets with ModPodge and dump glitter all over the helmets. Coat it until the whole helmets are covered. Shake off any excess glitter and spray it with clear sealant. Allow the helmets to dry overnight and you’re done.