10 Reasons Why Reading Fairytales to Children is A MUST

Is the Art of storytelling on its death bed with the advent of new technology in communication? In oral traditions, children used to gather around born fire after dinner and listen to all kinds of legends. Stories how the earth came into existence, the animal kingdom and calamities which befall human beings dominated the popular fairytale subject. Now I'll try to explain why it's so important to read fairytales to you children.

1. Immemorial


"Grandma, please tell us that story of imaginary voices?" we requested during one school holiday, visited grandma. "Do you really want to hear that story again tonight?" Grandma asked smiling broadly. We remember it three decades down memory.

2. Instruction


In every one of us is a little child who needs training in various aspects of life. Fairytale provides parents with the avenue for instruction to the children. The instructions are packaged in story form for easy listening and understanding.

3. Involvement


"Communication is involvement," one of the principles of communication states. In reading fairytales to children you establish commonness in three ways.

  • Make friends.
  • Understand the child's basic assumptions and world view. How does a child look at life?
  • Shape Personality of the child.

4. Inspiration


Not everyone invents the wheel. This is the opportunity for a small fraction of people in society. You don’t have to be a good story teller. You do need to make time and glean from fairytales in books. There is a huge collection of fairytales written by fine individuals. You can also use video game fairytales in inspiring children to reach their potential in life.

5. Interest


Children in all societies are short on attention span but generous with time to listen to bedtime stories. A fairytale sustains children's interest and lulls them to sleep. However, you need to gauge the tone of voice and language; the fairytale does not haunt them in the night.

6. Increase Level of Understanding


The more you engage the child in the fairytale by using easy to understand language the more the storyline broadens the child's horizon. Enough information is flying around competing for the child's attention. Every child needs a sense of direction and focus fairytale offers to steer children to greater heights of prosperity in future.

7. Inculcate Reading Culture


Children learn best from practical examples. Research reveals that a good leader at the work place is also a good mother figure at home to her children. You're the child's role model. You want your kids to love reading, lead by example. Read the child fairytales and together with other relevant literature, you inculcate reading culture in your child.

8. Invoke Kids to Action


How else would you invoke a child's feedback in the early stages of life? Fairytale does that for you plus a great deal more. Benefits of feedback assist in three ways:

  • Presentation mode adjustment to fit the child's level of understanding.
  • Prompt openness and honesty between you and the child.
  • Payback great dividends in shaping the life of the child in future.

9. Ignite Childrens' Passion


You're flat out with office and housework. You've promised to take the kids to the zoo but your schedule leaves no time for the trip. You can bring the zoo to the kids in the house through fairytale. Good storytelling is a craft. You ignite childrens' passion for story telling by painting a mental picture of the animals in the zoo through reading them fairytale in the book.

10. Impel


The main reason for fairytales is to channel the child's mind to think and analyze situations presented in the story. The child acquires knowledge to make sense of the world roundabout from the storyline. Your responsibility is to initiate the process. "...nature does not let you know how great children are until you have them," I read this spot on quote from somewhere.