10 Videos: Girls Who Know Something About Adrenaline

Extreme sports have long been dominated by men, but that's changing fast. Women...Can there be any more wonderful a combination on God's green earth than girls and adrenaline? Here we give you ten of the best of 'em.

1. Elli Pikkujämsä snowboarding

Sultan Films

One day filming with 11 years old Elli, a young snowboarder talent from Turku, Finland.

2. Roxy Skate

Smog Films

Roxy skate in Barcelona! Girls know what yhey want from skating!

3. Crazy Heleen

Heleen Muijsers

Last winter she traveled to one of the worlds most famous windsurfing destinations - Cape Town South Africa. While riding some beautiful waves in the South Atlantic Ocean, pulling herself into some forwards and back loops a dream came true.

4. BMX Tour Girls Only

Smoodie Moodie

Not all girls just sit at the side of skateparks.

5. Girls Highline

sebastien montaz-rosse

Check the level ! Quite impressive!

6. Down The Mountain

Gravity Boardshop

French Girls down The Mountain – Episode 2. No fear!

7. Girls Ride the Wake

Conor Bayuk

No Boys Allowed!

46 female shredders, 5 professional mentors, 4 Nautique G23s and a G25 came together to bring you Girls Ride the Wake!

8. Skydiving Video With Girls

Bill Voelker

A little fun jump Johnny did with a bunch of good looking girls at Lodi.

9. Voss Extreme Sports Week

Josh Neilson Photography

The idea was to show what girls are thought to be doing but then changing into what they are really up to! Marian, Katrina, Jenny and Nini are featured here running some of the biggest rapids in the area and styling it! I little humor and a lot of epicness!

10. Best Of Hottest Extreme Sports Girls

Riders Match

Watch this "best of girls" video edited by Riders Match, featuring the hottest girls in riding!