10 Ways To Annoy Your Boyfriend

Annoying your boyfriend or man does not mean you are necessarily not in a happy relationship. A little bit of annoying entices the relationship to be handy enough to create enough attention for you during the relationship. Annoying a boyfriend should not aluminate into a fight rather annoying a boyfriend should be purposeful whether for a break up or just for the fun of it. Here are some tips (and you may follow the instructions or, on the contrary, avoid them in any way).

Invite your girls over


Having your friends over is one way that you keep your man a little bit out of the picture. Honestly, men don't like the company of girls talking about girls stuff. Have your friends come frequently - maybe three to four times a week. You can discuss loudly about other men, but don't talk about him, that may lead to another unplanned turn of events.

Flirt with his friends


This can be a very risky thing to do. Not all boyfriends re-act the same to this kind of envy and might even cause an end to their friendship. So, with this you have to flirt mildly and ensure that no wrong signals are sent whatsoever to the friend you are flirting with.

Interfere with game time


Interfering with his game-time is a very good way to annoy your man. Just create an activity or an errand that will involve either him or both of you that will be coincidental with his game-time. More so make it when it is the most anticipated game of the season. This will get him all worked up and very angry.

Force him worst diet


They say the way to a man is through his stomach, and why not exploit this saying more enough. Make him his worst meal ever. Make him something that will make him dread having you cook again. Lie that that was the best meal you could ever cook for him and make him eat as much as possible from his plate. I assure you that are already getting into his nerves.

Ignore his texts


When your potion to make him angry or annoyed is not working, this is usually the charm. Don't respond to his texts and then come up with something lame when he asks you face to face. Say you wanted to reply but he was already there. Nothing guys really hate than to feel they are not responded to. Or if you are tempted to reply back, just use one word. Something like fine, sure, okay, great.

Feeding him “girl stuff”


Men usually don't have a lot to share about friendships or relationships. Tell him about your girl-stuff or complain about some of your friends or so. Give him all your girl-stuff and make it constant. You even text him constantly about a friend that is doing so and so. This works out perfectly enough. He gets really pissed and wishes you just stop your girly mood.

Make him wait


Keeping your man waiting for you is an ultimate test to how fast or slow he gets annoyed. You could pull a prank like changing the lock keys of your house then go to a friend's place. When he calls, pretend that you are just leaving the friends place and keep him on the doorstep for almost two hours. I assure you, nothing works perfect enough than this.

The “We need to talk” talk


Men fear this talk. Giving him the "we need to talk" situation at a very crucial maybe immediately before a game will make him nervous. Then pretend it is something very important and very crucial you need to talk about. Don't go direct to the point, so just revolve around the point then tell him that you wanted to talk about his clothing style, or something that he finds no interest in after his game is gone almost half.

Bug him with texts


A key way to annoy your boyfriend is constantly text him even irrelevant things and assume that they are very important and threat him if he does not reply. This is a proven tactic to annoy your boyfriend definitely no matter how strong he is. Constantly do so for a week’s time and you will for sure achieve whatever you are up to. Getting him mad!

Dry spell


Don't give him sex at all. Make sure you don't fall in his charms. This gives a man a sense of this are not great and will work as hard enough to make things right with you. No matter how hard he tries constantly, refuse to give him some of you. Maybe you could do a little bit of over-the-bra and refuse to get deep. This is the actual jackpot of annoying your man.

In case you are very successful with these tips, please don't forget to read "How To Keep Your Man" instructions:)