10 Ways To Look Younger

There is no need to try too hard to look younger than your age. Even though it sounds absurdly, but women seeking to "disguise" the age look miserable. On the other hand, women who take care of themselves, take all advantages of their age, look great and earn respect. Just follow these simple rules and stay 'forever young'!

1. Get enough sleep


Go to bed no later than 12 at night - this is the time for the peak production of "youth hormone" melatonin. Sleep at least 7 - 8 hours - only in this case the stem cells in our body will have enough time to heal the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

2. Stress management


Do auto-training, visit a psychologist, try to change your attitude to life. Also, a brisk walking is very effective if you want to relieve the tension after a scandal or another source of stress.

3. Healthy environment


Try to go on nature more often. It is proved that your internal biological clock are quickly regulates in nature, allowing the body to maintain good health and youthful look.

4. Avoid smoking


Not only is smoking terrible for your health, but it also makes you look much older than you really are - and fast. If you're a smoker, you should drop this habit so that you can keep your lips from getting thinner, your skin from being super dry and filled with wrinkles, and so you can restore some shine to your hair. Smoking also makes your hands and nails discolored, which is another way to make you look older than you really are.

5. Protect your skin from the sun


Sunblock isn't just for the beach. If you really want to look ten years younger, then you have to make sure to wear sun protection any time you step out into the sun. You can find a moisturizer that already contains SPF, which can keep your face from drying up while protecting it from the sun as well. Damage from the sun is one of the things that can make you age prematurely, so make sure you wear at least a SPF of 15 every day.

6. Abstaining from sweets


Sugar is one of the main enemies of youth of our skin. Glucose is involved in the reactions which lead to the loss of skin elasticity.

7. Living in a more or less similar climate conditions without frequent sharp changes


Changes in temperature, humidity, wind - all these factors are a physical stress for the skin, as it gets the main burden of the environment. Such a heavy duty weakens the protective properties of the skin and accelerates aging. Therefore, experts recommend to have a holiday in countries whose climate is not too different from those of everyday life.

8. Wear the most flattering clothes


As long as you don't try to wear something the people half your age typically wear, you'll be able to use your dress to your advantage. Women should wear flattering shirts without trying to show too much cleavage. Doing so can actually make them look older. Wear bright colors. Dark browns, grays, and blacks will actually make you look older and more drab. Brighter colors, such as blues, reds, greens, or pinks, can make you give off a more fun and vibrant vibe. Though darker colors may be more slimming, they may also make you look older.

9. Right make-up


Women should aim to keep their eyebrows pretty and thick. You may think that super thin eyebrows make you look sexy, but they'll actually make you look older. Use creamy concealer. When it comes to concealer, wearing less of it can actually make you look younger; if you wear too much, it'll emphasize your wrinkles instead of covering up your imperfections. Use blush correctly. Just a dab at the height of your cheekbones will do the trick. Putting it in the hollows of your cheeks will actually make you look even older. This is because your face tends to thin out as you get older, and using blush this way will make your face look even thinner. Substitute your black eyeliner for brown. Black will start to look too harsh on your face as you get older, so choose the more subtle brown colors to frame your eyes. Emphasize your lashes. Wear simple lipstick.

10. Be proud of your age


While you can take many steps to reduce how old you look, you should be proud of the years you have earned instead of trying to cover up who you really are. You must have achieved great things in your life, and you shouldn't really want to look like you're in your twenties or thirties again. If you keep up a young attitude and are proud of who you are and how you look, then you'll actually look much younger than someone who is desperately trying to cover up every little sign of aging.