17 Hacks Every Bra Wearer Should Know

1. Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racerback, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.

Claudia Meraz / Via pinterest.com

It’s summertime. After all that winter workout prep time, who doesn’t love the sexy, sculpting shape of a racerback top, allowing those toned shoulder muscles a bit of well earned exposure? Though very unlikely to offend anyone in this day and age, two bra straps popping out the back certainly do not accentuate the minimal back coverage your racerback is going for. No need to suffer through the uni-boob situation brought to you by a racerbacked sports bra, simply borrow a paper clip to keep those straps hidden!

2. You can also buy clips if you're not so into the DIY version.


Though I am well aware that my own cheaposity knows no bounds, I quite willingly acknowledge that some are less excited about scraping the bottom of the barrel. So if you appreciated the sort of makeshift racerback presented to you in the previous photo, but were underwhelmed by prospect of wearing a paper clip under your shirt, behold a product tailored to yourpreferences. This little bra hack rings in at only $8 for a set of three of varying colors practically designed to coordinate with your negligee and wardrobe. Plus, unlike the paperclip, you can store them next to your bras to avoid a scavenger hunt the next time you need one!

3. Sew a little tab into a tank to keep bra straps in place.


In the interest of keeping this list organized by category of annoyances known only to those who sport a bra, we present another suggestion for keeping those pesky straps hidden away and out of site. Unlike the previous two, this little fix is more widely applicable to those tanks with back lines other than solely that of a racerback. Rather than constantly readjusting your strap up your shoulder, take matters into your own hands and eliminate the problem before it begins. Follow the link and watch the DIY video of instructions on how to avoid this situation with all of your strappy shirts!

4. Prevent your bras from getting crushed in transit with a CupCase.


Ok this one may seem slightly superfluous (being a product solely designed to safely transport your bra), but before you cast the product aside, consider the price tag on a quality bra these days. Not too long ago I personally finally discovered the difference between the $20 and $60 options. A lover of fashion, never interested in paying for a product so associated with functionality, upon actually experiencing a high quality version I had an awakening of the negligee variety: "So THAT’S what a bra is supposed to do," I realized. In fact I, self described master of cheap, would now actually prefer to cough up the big bucks for quality than wear one at all. And considering the high price tag as well as their relatively delicate nature, this case is a small price to pay to elongate their wearable shelf life!

5. Sew the front half of a cheap strapless bra into a backless dress.

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Hopefully we’ve inspired you to discover the value of a quality, albeit more expensive, bra. It gives your back a much deserved, greater level of support and gives the ladies an elevated, youthful presentation. Now that you’re on board with this investment, what to do with the old, tired bras you’re no longer interested in? Backless tops and dresses are quite the elusive clothing variety, so carefree and sexy in the most modest, flattering way - a look absolutely trashed when obstructed by the breaches of a bra. How to allow the ladies support AND make use of those undesirable leftovers? Sew them into pieces of your backless wardrobe! Two birds - one stone success.

6. If you want to cover your neckline a bit but hate the bulk of a camisole, buy one that clips in.


Though the smaller chested may cuvette a larger cup size, those more well endowed certainly endure less wardrobe flexibility. That trick to sew a strapless bra into a backless dress? Only necessary for those of us unable to walk fearlessly in the direction of a braless freedom. It’s the same sort of notion applicable to low cut tops, needing to layer up in order to avoid less cleavage spilling over. For those to whom this situation persists, we present you a product called “Cami Secret”. It extends you the freedom to wear an otherwise revealing top without having to bulk up in layers below!

7. Keep a strapless bra from falling down by securing it with a convertible strap.


Akin to the annoyance of constantly repositioning a bra strap beneath a tank top, so is the ever-drooping position of the strapless bra. Even the best of them has a slip every now and again. Most designers include two removable straps, in case you’d like to experience both the discomfort of a strapless and visual inconvenience of the classic version. However, some creative consumer discovered an alternative strap employment to help keep that bad boy in place without revealing itself. Follow these steps and discover that extra support you deserve.

8. Bring your sports bra into the shower with you when you're done working out and handwash it.


We become so accustomed to modern conveniences, like the washing machine, that occasionally we forget such traditional practices that often hold the key to simple solutions for common problems. Typically multi-day bra use between washes doesn’t bother me, until we bring the sport version into discussion. Who wants to SPORT a piece of clothing previously drenched in sweat without washing it? With this quick, efficient, and sustainable suggestion to quick wash the sports bra up in your post-workout shower, you’ll be ready to hit the gym again tomorrow (no excuses)!

9. It sounds crazy, but a (clean) salad spinner will make drying your delicates so much faster.


Interesting. There are clearly some among us born with a DIY gene strapped to their DNA. How many would have opened the cabinets and delved through kitchen appliances in search of a makeshift dyer gentle enough to work on the delicates? Not me. Though generally left to hang out and dry naturally, this little innovation could perfectly apply to those times you need to turnover a load quickly, say for some last minute laundry before leaving on a holiday? Just be sure to wash the spinner thoroughly before preparing your next salad.

10. Store bras on a single hanger to save space and keep them from getting bent out of shape.

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This list is designed to take effect on all aspects of a bra-wearer’s life. Here you have entered the organizational territory. Like the little bra carrying case for travel, this hack aims to ensure the longevity of wearable life for each article of negligee you own (as well as preserve precious closet and drawer space). If you’re still folding your bras in half, forcing one cup to pop inside-out, consider this an official scolding. You are wearing out your delicates without even having them on! Drape them over a hanger to maintain structure and shape.

11. Attach hangers to store and display a bunch of bras at once.


Another take on the previous store and organize suggestion, this trick borrows from traditional closet shoe storage in its arrangement of delicates out for display. With tight closet space and in the interest of preserving hanging space for less bulky dresses, tops, and pants, grab some hangers you can link to each other. Drape your bras individually over each hanger, then choose a door to latch the chain onto. Might we suggest the inside of your closet perhaps? Unless you prefer to leave your negligee out on full display - in which case we won’t judge.

12. Convert your bra so it sits lower for low-backed garments.


Another creation brought to you by the genetically DIY advanced, here is a truly useful bra conversion that will force you into dusting off the old sewing machine. Actually, according to the instructions, this is simple enough that no machine be required. All that’s needed for this converter (which can then be applied to any bra in your arsenal) are clasps from an old bra, an elastic band, and a needle and thread! This low-back hack is much more versatile than our first suggestion, and keeps you much better supported.

13. Or buy a converter.


Like the racerback aids we addressed at the beginning of thislist, for the low back bra converters we bring you the DIY version as well as apre-made product for those less craft inclined. Personally, I love working with my hands, doodling and creating. But when it comes to sewing I’m like a dancer with two feet, a designer with two left hands. This relatively inexpensive alternative caters to those of us more likely to stab ourselves with the needle and ruin the materials.

14. In a pinch, a maxi pad will guard against poking wires.


It is a sad, sad day when a favorite bra begins to kick the bucket and a skeletal wire breaks through its fabric flesh. Lets be honest, these early signs of a dieing article of clothing rarely results in the immediate throwaway. Instead you find yourself suffering through a nagging, poking wire for as long as you’re willing to stretch out its life. Therefor we felt it only appropriate to present you with a quick fix patch up job prepared to enable your inclination to ignore it’s impending expiration date.

15. Learn to fix an underwire that's poking out.


That’s it. You’ve gone through an entire box of cut up maxi pads, perpetuating the bandage wrapped around your bra’s broken rib and cannot bring yourself to do so any longer. Enough’s enough and every girl has to learn when to say goodbye. Or does she? Had you any idea becoming a delicate wire to fabric surgeon was so easy? Follow this deceivingly simple 4-step how-to and pump the life back into your old friend. Perhaps it’ll live out the end of its life with a bold scar of its grim days, but at least it’ll live to see another day.

Follow the steps . . .

16. Test the fit of your bra at home with nothing but your hand.


How much do you hate having to ask for a fitting when shopping around for a new bra? Bearing one’s chest can feel mildly invasive to even the least modest among us. Besides, in most cases the freedom to roam the store and browse in peace is usually preferable to the handholding salesperson approach - at least when it comes to selecting undergarment preferences. What’s more, I’ve heard tales on more than one occasion of the less than adequate measurement-taking training fitting room attendants receive. Avoid all the aforementioned hassle and instead follow these easy instructions to measure your own size!

Here's the secret!

17. Strap cushions can keep bras from cutting painfully into your shoulders.


Who knew there were so many bra-related inventions floating about in cyberspace, and at a surprisingly reasonable price? The fact is, being a woman and having a chest that requires a certain amount of support can create problems. This list comes full circle, and aims to target most inconveniences, mishaps, and frustrations experienced by the majority of bra-wearers. Here, with the final inclusion to our list, we address those articles causing unnecessary back and shoulder aches. Lane Bryant’s silicone bra cushion attaches to a strap with ease, distributing weight and providing a cushy layer between the fabric and your skin.