20 Photos of Shocking Places Where There Are No More People

People usually talk about these places in a whisper and with a gasp. Horror stories are composed about them and children tell them to each other in a particularly dark and rainy nights. Or maybe these stories were not created by susceptible child's imagination? After all, before there was seething life, but something made people permanently leave the buildings. We invite our most fearless readers to walk to ghost-places, and learn how the world would look like without us.

1. Abandoned hotel, Japan


2. The United Artists Theater, Detroit, USA

For those who want to know the full story of this building

4. Chemical laboratory in an abandoned University, Belgium


5. The pool of University of Rochester, USA

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6. Elementary school, Pennsylvania


7. Former prison and a psychiatric clinic on the island of North Brother, New York, USA


8. The Presbyterian Church, Detroit, USA


9. Kelenföld Power Plant, Hungary

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10. The abandoned Grossinger's resort, NY, USA

A summer at Grossinger's was believed to have inspired Dirty Dancing

11. Lemoniz Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

More about Lemoniz

12. A Tram Station, Sydney, Australia


13. House in Billingham left during litigation over its demolition, England


14. Opera house in Philadelphia, USA


15. Abandoned power station in the industrial heart of Luxembourg

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16. Library in Detroit, USA


17. Bar in the town of Bodie, California, USA

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18. Presidio Modelo, a prison on the Isle of Youth, Cuba

Explore Cuba’s Isle of Youth

19. Abandoned transport station in Duisburg, Germany


20. Abandoned railway station in Abkhazia

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