23 Five-Minute Hairstyles For Busy Mornings

1. Twisted Ponytail


Boring and limp or bushy and out of control. Though the ponytail is a go-to solution for a bad hair day and a morning short on time, simply wrapping a hair-tie around that mess usually does little to mask the hairy situation you’re dealing with. The trick to a winning ponytail look is playing up the texture and state of hair you’re working with. This quick fix accentuates a messy day giving you that “just rolled out of bed, and my hair looks perfect” kind of look. You know, if you like that sort of thing.

2. Summer Scarf Updo


Scarves are truly one of the most generous gifts bestowed upon us by the deities of hair. Not only does it add a bit of flavor to your daily hair routine, but it also does wonders in regards to disguising dirty hair. Suitable for all sorts of hair textures, this updo requires no more than your favorite scarf and a handful of bobby pins. Simply secure the scarf over the top of your hair, then section off pieces of your hair, pulling them together in a fashion similar to a french braid as you wrap them around the scarf!

3. The Low Knot


I love big messy buns and top knots as much as the next girl, but the lower sort has a way of exuding class and sophistication in a slightly more subtle fashion. This hairstyle has you literally tying a knot as you separate your hair into two pieces and follow a cross-over, looping motion as one would when tying a shoe. Repeat the pattern twice, secure the knot with a clear elastic, and all that’s left to do is tuck the ends under the knot. Secure them with a few bobby pins and you’re good to go!

4. The Knotted Pony

thebeautydepartment.com / Via buzzfeed.com

In case you couldn’t decide between the Low Knot and Twisted Pony, both equally flattering options, we’ve included a union of the two to make your decision easier. Basically you’re going to follow the same steps you found above in creating a simple knot akin to those you banged out in your girl scout days, only this time start with your hair pulled to one side. Instead of hiding your ends behind the knot, let them roam free. In fact, this style is one that excels after a bit of roughing up. So we suggest you apply a bit of backcombing action after loosening up the bun to complete this particular look.

5. The Tidy Hair Bow


How adorable is this? Sweet, whimsical, romantic - tie this one up and you’ll be ready for an afternoon frollicing in the meadow and picking wildflowers to take home to your little country cottage. Or perhaps your day is filled with hours devoted to cozying up to the romantic escapades of Mr. Darcy, followed by high tea with the ladies and finishing up with a candlelit dinner for two out in the garden. Pair this delicate updo with some soft curls, a flowing floral sundress and you can take the day to pretend your life is that of frivolous fantasy.

6. The Tease and Tie


It is no breaking news in the hair world that the messy look is in. All the better, right? Any trend so inclined as to promote the whirlwind state of my hair getting up in the morning is a win in my book. Bulk upa bit of volume by teasing your hair at the crown and putting it into a deep sidepart. The rest is up to you! Taking a small chunk near the base of your hairline, by your ear, and simply twist, braid or rope back and secure with a clear elastic and a bobby pin or two.

7. The Over-the-Shoulder Pony


This particular twist on the classic hairstyle that is the low pony looks best on texturized hair. It doesn’t have to become an all out, time consuming curling project though. Work this on hair that’s been dried naturally, or with a bit of product pumped into it - just a little something to keep the volume up. You’ll proceed by securing a large chunk of hair to the side, at the base of the neck. Continue wrapping pieces of hair across and likewise pinning them at the base of your hairline. Complete the look by securing a side ponytail from what’s left at the ends, less a small piece that you’ll use to wrap around the elastic to polish it off!

8. The Illusional Crazy Long Mane Ponytail


AKA the hair-extensionless ponytail that creates the illusion of a long, luscious main. If you don’t already have some curl going, allow for a little extra prep time and use your curling iron to toss some waves in your hair. The sneaky trick to pulling of this playful hair rouse is hiding a second ponytail with the bottom half of your hair beneath one secured high up near the top of your head. Just make sure to pull hair from low enough along your hairline for the top ponytail to fully keep your little trick safely out of site!

9. The Two-Bobby-Pin Front Twist


Do you ever feel torn between letting your hair down and allowing it to run free on its own, and the nagging annoyance of constantly whipping it out of your face when you know you’ll be hunched over a desk all day? Allow us to point you towards an easy, quick compromise. This style works on all hair lengths and textures, though truth be told a bit of wave or mess thrown in will only make things better. The secret behind keeping this simple twist in place is the double bobby pin placement. Secure one vertically over your lock of hair and the other in towards the twist forming an “x” out of the two. That’ll hold things in place until you’re really ready to let it all hang out.

10. The Asymmetrical Chignon


Though we make every effort to remain within the non-discriminatory space that is the Switzerland of hair neutrality for most of the hairstyles on this list, admittedly this one here may perform better on a thick head of hair. If you’re working with the finer variety, of course, let nothing stand in your way of testing this one out. The outcome may simply result in a slightly less sturdy chingon. Otherwise this is a fairly simple updo requiring little more than a tease, a twist, a little looping, and a fair amount of bobby pinning for security.

11. Fake Bangs Top Knot


This was such a lovely discovery for a number of reasons. Have you ever wanted to try out bangs but feared they would look horrendous, leaving you stuck with years of awkward face-framing layers while you grow them back out? Or perhaps you’ve taken the plunge and cut some, only to find they make up a hair entity entirely of their own sort, requiring constant up keep in frequent trimmings and shampooing (they love to get dirty much faster than the rest of your hair). BEHOLD: I give you the BEST trick in the book for taking a fringe for a test drive, or simply riding them out for the day - the “Fake Bangs Top Knot”.

12. The Single Twist


Funny name for a hairstyle fairly low on the twist element. Sometimes you just want a simple, classy way to sweep your hair off your face. No need to look like you woke up two hours early to piece together some complex hair strategy - just something cute and practical. What’s great about this “twist” is you can pull out the pins later and not have to deal with any of those irritating hair kinks. Just grab a couple bobby pins and two sections of hair from each side of the front of your hairline. Simple as that!

13. Otherwise Known as the Two-Minute Tuck


I love this kind of headband. You know, that stretchy sort you can use to hold back your hair when you wash your face or apply some makeup, but that also functions quite well when you’re going for that hipster flowerchild “I’m a free bird” kind of look. And what a whimsical updo the “tuck and cover” makes of it. The trick here is to not only tuck the hair over the headband part at the base of your head, but to then pull the ends through the loop you’ve made. I knew I was going wrong somewhere when I tried to create this look on my own. . .

14. The Four-Step Bun


Those top buns that actually look the way they’re meant to are never just thrown together quite as carelessly as they look. This four-step process shows you the secret to keeping up some of the volume you can lose when you follow my poorly chosen route of just throwing it up and hoping for the best. Start by securing a high ponytail with an elastic (ah, there’s the key step). Then you separate those ends into two sections, twist, and wind them around each other with both arms moving in the same direction. All that’s left to do is secure that bad boy in place with a few bobby pins!

15. The Mermaid Tail Braid


The braid is one of the best inventions in hair history. There’s just so much you can do with them, so many variations to keep your fingers busy and your hair from getting bored. Fair warning, short layers may require some extra bobby pinning action for this particular variety, as it requires braiding all hair over to one side of your head. Beyond that it’s pretty straight forward: two dutch braids layered together and pinned in place to create one wide mermaid-like tail!

16. Quick Twist for Shorter Hair


Admittedly, lots of twists and updos lend themselves more willingly to longer hair cuts. So, we’ve chosen to include an easy twist geared towards pulling back the shorter styles in a quick and easy fashion. With simplicity as the running theme here, all you have to do is gather the left (or right) half of your hair, twist it back and pin it up. Take those ends combined with the rest of your hair and twist it up and over what you’ve already pinned back. Then just grab your favorite hair pin or accessory and cover up any ends left sticking out!

17. The Knotted Pullback


This light and easy updo takes a few select strands around a bit of a loop-d-loop. In the spirit of fairytale inspiration, which first led us to the tidy hair bow we discussed earlier, this one will bring you back to the days of old school Disney princesses. While you can certainly tie your own hair back in this 3 minute quick-step process, as pictured in the article it is one that performs quite well on the little ones. You can put your fairy godmother skills to the test and get her all dolled up, ready for the ball! (Or, you know, for school).

18. The Knot-So-Braided Bun


This list of hair tutorials is doing WONDERS for my top knot knowledge. Clearly I had been missing the boat on the crucial first step, as all of these hairstyles suggest first tying your hair up in a ponytail before going after any sort of bun action. In this particular case, you then braid previously established pony before employing the ever-important band of bobby pins. The end result is a bit different from your top knot, an updo flirting with the lines of messy and well put together - perfectly balanced for day at the office followed by dinner and drinks!

19. The Brisk Braid Wrap


If you hadn’t already picked up on it, we are mildly digging those hairstyles embodying the whole flower child, boho-chic, whimsical flow. Also braids, braids, braids, and more braids. For the Brisk Braid Wrap, braid a low pony and then pull it through a hole in your hair above the elastic - you know, like you used to do back in 4th grade when you were all about rocking the sophisticated ponytail. Keep on wrapping that braid around the twist until all you have left are the ends, which you will then tuck away and pin back. Easy peasy!

20. The Easiest, Prettiest Pompadour


Like an LBD to a woman’s wardrobe, the pompadour, aka the hair poof, is one of those easy, classic pullbacks that every lady should have in her go-to hair repertoire. Though seemingly simple, and rightfully so as it isn’t particularly complicated, there are a few key steps to remember if you want to maintain the volume and sleekness as pictured above. You want to begin by teasing the fringe area of your hair. Then spray it, gently comb it back, and secure it. Once that’s out of the way, just pull back hair on either side of you face, pinning them up with the fringe. A little spritz of hairspray on each side and you’re ready to go!

21. The Half-Up, Half-Down Twist


For some reason the whole half up/half down look seemed so much more popular in grade school. I cannot muster up an explanation as to why that could be, considering there are so many variations ranging from super casual and messy, to classy and formal. This particular take lends itself well to the latter. Perfectly paired with a summer wedding, dinner party, or romantic date, if you begin with hair already gently curled, this twist will take you about two minutes before you’re ready to head out the door!

22. Twisted Ponytail Variation


This little number puts the sass in sassy . . .er, in sassy ponytail. You’re a grown woman, you’ve got things to do, people to see, and places to go. You can’t be expected to pour an extra hour into something as mundane as perfecting your hair presentation just so everyday! But you still want to look good - well put together. The twisted Ponytail Variation is just the sort of low maintenance styling we want to work with. All it takes is a couple twists on each side, an elastic to secure the pony, and a little piece of hair to wrap around it all and polish things off!