23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas

Yeahmag has put together a list of our favorite totally awesome and unique wedding ideas for all your wedding planning needs

1. Add creative flare with a guest box instead of a guest book so your guests can leave a memorable video


Want your guests to leave a memorable impression on your wedding day? Set up a guest box with a video camera and let your guests leave a video message. They are a creative take on the guest book and will be super fun to rewatch in the later years. Don't have a video camera? Grab a bunch of polaroid cameras and let the guests take pictures and write messages on them.

2. Make it fun for the child who is ring bearer and dress them up as a G-man to protect the rings in style


Recently, there are many weddings with creative themes like Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland. Dress up the ring bearer as an agent who is sworn to protect the rings at all costs. Not only is this insanely cute, but it give the children a sense of pride and also makes the wedding fun for them.

3. Deck out the bathroom for the reception


Show off your style by tricking out the bathroom stalls in the reception area. Think about all the drinks and dancing, the bathrooms are bound to be busy. Wrap the stalls in some dreamy black tulle and red roses. Another creative addition is personalized soaps bearing the newlyweds names. Want to go even further, add a grab bag area with a personalized attendant on standby to pass them out.

4. Trade in wedding dress for chic overalls.

Trade in the traditional wedding dress for a chic pair of overalls. Fanny and Bill got married at City Hall rather than a big to do so she opted for overalls instead. Don't want overalls? Try a simple summer dress or maxi skirt. Be even more unique and sport these stylish boots or maybe even converse hi-tops.

5. Set up a DIY bar for mixing drinks


Skip the full wet bar and bartender with a do-it-yourself alternative. Paint or print your brands logo and decorate a set of water coolers. Guests will have a blast creating their own drinks. Be sure to set up a few different options. Add a kid friendly version with Yoohoo or Sprite for the little ones to have fun making their own drinks too!

6. Add Jenga blocks instead of a traditional guest book.


Similar to the first awesome wedding idea, swap out the boring guest book with Jenga blocks for extra fun. Have the guests write a personalized message on one side and their name on the other. A bonus is the couple can compile all the blocks and make a fun game of pulling out notes of well wishes and heartfelt messages.

7. Ditch the professional videographer and have your guests film your special day.


The trend of providing disposable cameras to guests is now moving up in the world to making videos. Add mini video cameras as center pieces at the reception for guests to pick up and start filming your special day. When they are done, have a basket where all used cameras can go and watch away. Wedit has created the perfect solution to swapping pricy videographer fees with mini video cameras to give to guests.

8. Create your own Mimosa at the reception.


Similar to the above post with coke and jack, save on the costly bar services with a DIY Mimosa bar for guests to build their own drinks. You could put the different drinks into glass jars and decorate them with colors complimentary to your wedding theme. Set it up at one large table or have mini versions at all the guests tables. Don't forget to include a kiddie section for the little ones and non alcoholic drinkers to join in the fun.

9. Bring out the laughs with comedic pamphlets


Are you the class clown that loves to entertain? Add laughs to your wedding with comedic pamphlets. Keep it short and sweet with a simple list of what will happen or detailed with funny characters. They are fairly inexpensive to make especially if you know how to use a computer and printer.

10. Wedding inspired coloring books


On top of making funny pamphlets for the adults, make it fun for kids by making wedding inspired coloring books. Nine times out of tens kids get bored about 10 minutes into a wedding. Keep them entertained to avoid any outbursts during the nuptials. You can find a variety of free printables online and just start printing away. Be sure to make enough for each kid to have 2 in case they spill something on it. Don't forget the crayons.

11. Plan pre-wedding fun time


For those of you who love the outdoors and adventure and want to share those memories with your guests, why not set up a pre-wedding event like tubing, kayaking, or hiking? Check out the local area and set up an event for all the guests that want to participate. Be sure to wear sunscreen! Wouldn't want to have sunburn for all the pretty photos.

12. Take an "Awkward Family Photo"


Want memorable photos to talk about for years to come? Why not take an awkward family photo? They are all the rave lately and extremely fun to look at. Browse through as many awkward family photos to get inspired. If you are not into the awkward family photos, you can still opt for funny poses. These are doubly awesome with themed weddings.

13. Create a polaroid booth with pre-made frame


Polaroid cameras are outdated and digital cameras are in everyones pocket. If you still want the polaroid look create a custom frame and guests can snap a photo from a digital camera or even their phone. Purchase some plywood from your local hardware store and paint it white. Add your custom message and hang in front of a scenic backdrop.

14. Create a custom ring bearer box


Traditionally the ring bearer will walk down the aisle with the rings tied to a pillow. Change it up and create your own ring bearer box that can be converted into a keepsake. You can purchase a two panel box from any craft store and decorate it to match your wedding's theme. You can also use it as a storage place for the wedding vows.

15. Snap a polaroid for the guestbook


If you don't have a video guestbook you can opt for a picture guestbook. Bring a polaroid for guests to snap a picture and leave a message. Make it more unique by including scrapbooking craft items for the guests to get creative with their page by adding accents like foam letters, buttons, or ribbon.

16. DIY confetti bags


Engage guests by setting up a confetti bar. Purchase a variety of confetti in different shapes and colors and let guests build their own confetti bags to use when its time to throw confetti. If you are including bubbles you can also create colored or indestructible bubbles.

17. Cue the audience with cute cue cards.

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Make your guests laugh with cute cue cards. One of the ushers can be the stand in holding cards with cues for the guests. Like the above picture make it fun with phrases like "Forced laughter" or "Don't forget to say awwww". Everybody has a habit of crying at weddings, maybe with some cute cue cards you can minimize the waterworks.

18. Bring back innocence ice cream truck


Want to bring out some childhood innocence? Rent an ice cream truck. Not only is this a way for everyone to get the ice cream of their choice, but it will also entertain the kiddies in the crowd. Make it more unique by swapping the ice cream truck music for wedding style music.

19. A buffet of cakes


Cake testing is a time honored tradition for weddings, but what happens when you absolutely cannot choose? Make it easy! Pick a few types of cake you like and set up a cake buffet. This saves the debate of trying to please a 100 or so guests with one cake. Give them the option to choose from many flavors. If it is a fend for yourself event add a sign with the different flavors, if it is black tie, add it to the menu.

20. Point the way with decorative arrows


If you are using a venue rather than your home, people need a little nudge in the right direction. Place colorful arrows leading the way to the wedding area. Since you don't want to defile the venue by painting arrows everywhere, you can opt for painted fabric or poster board. Make it cuter with the "hot" or "cold" game leading the guests in the right direction.

21. Make it a picnic


Want a super casual wedding, replace the fancy chairs with blankets instead. Everybody loves picnics, so lay out blankets and pillows with goody baskets. This is another alternative method for keeping kids entertained as well. This can also double as the reception area. You can also add place cards on the blankets for the guests and their companions.

22. Mega Banana Split


Bring something sweet with a 10-foot banana split. You can alter the size to suite the size of your wedding party. You will need to get either cardboard tubing or a pvc pipe and split it down the middle. Cover with aluminum foil and/or plastic wrap and place them on saw horses. Fill it up with all the goodies and dig in. Not a fan of the banana split, make it a brownie sunday!