27 Awesome Easy Lunches To Bring To Work

1. Arnold Palmer Sandwich


Ah, the sweet combination of two beautiful beverage classics: refreshing lemonade and delightful icedtea. Who says this sort of union has to be isolated to the liquid variety? The Arnold Palmer sandwich borrows the refreshment’s clever idea of bringing together two classics, but in the form of something you can eat – one part egg salad, one part tuna salad. Whip up two classic recipes, toss in some pickles and basil to keep things fresh and take a big bite out of this tasty foodie innovation.

2. Sesame Ginger Soba Noodle Salad


Some of the best recipes you come across are those teaming with versatility, the ones that can function for wide variety of meals. Toss this salad together for dinner one night and have lunch ready to go, no preparation necessary the next day. The key to this recipe’s success is in the savory sesame-ginger dressing. Not only does it pair well with any host of vegetables,allowing you to substitute and omit according to your little veggie monster’staste, but it accommodates for just about any kind of protein, should you so choose to add one. Did we mention the simple recipe comprises of a whopping 3steps?

3. Peanut Butter, Pickle, and Potato Chip Sandwich


French fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake, strawberry jam slathered on a grilled cheese sandwich, deep fried oreos. Some of the most indulgent of food pairings stimulate multiple taste buds all at once. Peanut butter, pickles, and potato chips forced together between two slices of bread was a combo just too intriguing to pass up. Before you wrinkle your nose in disgust, just imagine how lathering up sweet, fruity goo and a nutty, salty butter spread together on a slice of bread might sound had you not grown up with PB&J as a childhood staple. As the old expression goes . . . don’t knock it!

4. Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Salad


Given the choice between the potato or pasta variety, when served in its cold salad form pasta is always the winner for me (the potato version always seems to be too much mayo, not quite enough potato, feel me?). Yes, it normally functions as a complimentary side dish. However this particular recipe’s inclusion of capers, tomato, basil, and olives gives the pasta a level of zesty tang light enough to make an entire meal out of it! Best of all, it tastes almost better the next day – a triumph for leftover lovers everywhere!

5. Salami and Cream Cheese Sandwich


There’s a reason classics are classics, and what could represent a go-to easy lunch like a sandwich stuffed with deli meat, cheese,and some crunchy lettuce? We love this recipe because it provides a slightly different take on the above staples to give you a break in what can quickly become sandwich monotony. So tradeout your ham for some thinly sliced salami, your plastic-y orange cheese for a smear of cream cheese, that iceberg for some arugala, and mayo for a bit of rich grainy mustard. Hold it all together between two slices of rye bread and you have yourself a little level up on the sandwich sophistication scale.

6. Three Bean Pasta Salad


When preceded by the word “potato” or “pasta”, the whole healthy lunch option generally associated with the word salad loses a bit of its credibility. This three-bean variety aims to defy such a stereotype! Rather than letting the carbs maintain complete control over this dish, the recipe incorporates ¾ pound green beans, and 15 ounces each of pinto beans and chickpeas to a feeble 6 ounces of pasta. All that protein topped off with a honey-mustard vinaigrette makes this one lunch you can dig into guilt-free!

7. Crisp Tuna Cabbage Salad


While we’re on the train of healthy alternatives to classic lunch favorites, if you’re a fan of tuna salad but not so much of the mayo content, you’ll want to tune into this one. The trick is to begin with a quality canned tuna (Wild Planet by recommendation of this recipe, though any brand providing a quality mass of the stuff would suffice). The bulk of the salad then comes from a generous potion of chopped cabbage. Only a touch of mayo is incorporated, with the help of some Greek yogurt to hold it all together. Top it off with chives and black pepper for a bit of flavor and away we go!

8. Wheat Berry Salad with Blood Oranges and Feta


Here’s one for all my gourmet foodies out there. Ok, it’s not truffle infused or topped with a layer of sea salted fois gras, but this hearty lunch plate does steer us away from the pasta salads and sandwiches recently on the table for discussion. For the refined palette, bursts of sweet and tangy totantalize the taste buds are all over this recipe, from bites of juicy blood orange and salty crumbles of feta to the sweetened cider-balsamic vinaigrette that dresses the salad. Hearty and satisfying, yet surprisingly healthy and light!

9. Chickpea Salad Sandwich


Over the past year, I have developed what could be considered an unhealthy obsession with hummus (though thankfully the generous protein and fiber content of the chickpea keeps it at quite a healthy food status). So naturally, any dish incorporating this ingredient as a staple is quite enticing. Enter Chickpea Salad Sandwich. The union of chickpeas, tahini, carrots, celery, and delicious blend of spices that forms the salad could function as a versatile meal option in an of itself. Throw in some mashed up avocado and leafy greens to create an absolute lunchtime WIN. So be sure to make plenty, as you can use whatever is left to pair with a salad, some toasted pita bread, or grab a spoon and just finish it of as it is!

10. Quinoa Salad with Cherries and Feta


As chickpeas pack a powerhouse of fiber and protein, quinoa likewise functions as a hearty yet healthy option to stave off those afternoon hunger pangs. Though quinoa remains all the rage these days with health and fitness aficionados, should you have a preference for other grains, feel free to substitute for a couscous or orzo base without altering the taste. After all, the grain is merely a vessel for this cherry, feta, and almond mashup aimed to tantalize your sweet, tangy, and salty taste buds all at the same time.

11. Turkey Caesar Sandwich


How about a remix on an old time salad favorite? Lets rehydratethe croutons and turn them into the bread that holds the whole salad together, and then add some healthy thinly-sliced smoked turkey for a bit of protein. Best of all, this recipe incorporates a simple homemade caesar dressing to boot, through a combination of mayonnaise, parmasean cheese, lemon juice, and a kick of worcestershire sauce. Make things easy on yourself and go ahead and double the dressing recipe - then you can easily throw together the classic version for another lunch later in the week!

12. Pasta Salad with Goat Cheese & Arugula


While parmesan may be the most classic of cheeses to top off asalad, in my humble opinion nothing compliments the sweet vinegary goodness of a classic mustard and red wine vinaigrette quite like a good goat cheese. And who says that has to be on top of a traditional leafy green salad? This simple pasta-based salad packs in lots of flavor, tossing in some cannellini beans, arugula, and onion for the finishing touches. All you need now is a nice little spot out in the summer sun and a chilled glass of Pinot Gris (or maybe two . . .) .

13. Miso Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl


In the interest of keeping things interesting, we thought we’d toss in a recipe with a little Asian flare. It’s got all the bright beautiful colors to match the looming fall season, but manages to avoid a bit of the creamy, meaty, cheesy, heavy comforts we all start craving as the leaves begin changing. We ought to balance out those impending big, satisfying dinners with a few healthy lunches, right? And this bowl hardly feels like one of those obligatory healthy lunches. Your first batch of whole grain rice, broccoli, sweet potato, seeds, and a sweet tahini miso dressing will have you sneaking back for seconds!

14. BLTA Wrap


If you ask me, I cannot fathom how the BLT performed so successfully before the adoption of the A. Avocado makes EVERYTHING better. What I generally forget when including it in a packed lunch, however, is the fruit’s tendency to turn brown like a sliced apple after sitting out for too long. This recipe so graciously reminds us that a bit of lemon juice is all it takes to halt this process in its tracks. Though not specifically mentioned, we’re betting a little side of your favorite dressing would team up quite nicely with your wrap as you sit down and dig in!

15. Bean and Cheese Salad


Ok so who doesn’t love those delicious little nutrition devoid, fat-loaded bean and cheese burritos from the local Mexican hole in the wall? Unfortunately we all have to topout at a monthly burrito limit if we want to still be able to fit through the door of aforementioned joint. The good news: we found lunchtime recipe incorporating the same base ingredients (with a less frightening nutrition fact sheet). Swap out those refried beans for the those of the cannellini variety, pair it with feta or goat cheese crumbles, and toss in some cucumber for a bit of guilt-free veg. That ought to satiate those Mexican cravings until nextweek’s burrito run.

16. Kale Salad with Lentils and Apricot Vinaigrette


Lets just go ahead and recognize a recipe that manages to pack together loads of nutrients and protein, qualify as vegan appropriate, AND, most importantly still taste GREAT. Also, spoiler alert: this chef informs us that the trick that separates the good kale salads from the truly great lies in a preparation technique she describes as using one’s fingertips to physically “massage” the dressing into the kale directly. So put on your most soothing background music, light a few candles, and get those greens nice and relaxed before tossing them with some beluga lentils to complete the dish.

17. Chickpea, Cherry Tomato, and Feta Salad


Ah another lovely recipe incorporating one of my favorite non-meat protein options: the chickpea. Through the constantly revolving door that is diet trends and fads, one trend likely to stick around is that of clean eating. Enter a lunchtime plate of chick peas, tomatoes, and feta cheese dressed with little more than a little lemon juice, olive oil, and seasonings. Not to mention the kind of recipe that requires little more effort than simply throwing its ingredients together and stirring is certainly speaking my language!

18. Ham and Cheese Croissant


Classic sandwich remix take 2 - version française. With all the glorious pastries the french have contributed to the world of guilty indulgences, the croissant tops the chart with equal parts each of deliciousness and versatility. Unlike its relatives the pain au chocolat or the éclaire, par exemple, its layers of buttery flakes can be adapted to more than just one meal of the day. In the spirit of its creators, we insist you toss that plastic American cheese aside in favor of a more gourmet variety; then it’s a layer of Dijon mustard and thinly sliced pear and watercress to makes this ham sandwich très français.

19. 20-Minute Kale and Quinoa Bowl


You know those mornings when you wake up before your alarm, have a wonderfully refreshing morning run,and then plenty of time to sit and drink your coffee while reading the newspaper before work? Admittedly, I dream of the when I will finally understand how that feels. But when I do, I will certainly utilize some of that extra time on preparing a lunch like this superfood-charged kale and quinoa bowl. And as the chef leaves you to your own preference of pine nuts or almonds, feta or goat cheese, you could make this one dozens of times and never get bored!

20. Smashed White Bean and Avocado Sandwich


Avocado. Like the prodigal son of fruit, incapable of doing any edible wrong. And as for the rest of the sandwich, I dare you to find a flaw. Ok so there’s some red onion on there that could adversely affect any intimate conversations you have for the rest of the afternoon, but BESIDES that, this recipe comes heavy on the veggies, protein, and good-for-you fats, and low on all that other negative stuff. It incorporates layers of complementary texture between the cucumber and arugula crunch and the smooth cushion of the avocado and white bean. Lastly, it’s actually quite delicious.

21. Barley and Kale Salad with Golden Beets and Feta


This salad functions as one of the most practical work lunches on our list here. The chef herself insists the flavor actually improves overnight, and that and kale is quite wilt-resistant - making it ideal for night-before preparation, and allowing you an extra ten minutes of sleep in the am! The flavor combination here is light but bold, incorporating orange zest, shallots, and brown sugar to an otherwise classic vinaigrette. This adds a layer of sweet juiciness that plays off the saltiness of the feta in quite the complementary fashion.

22. Pan Bagnat (French Tuna Salad Sandwich)


You know that mushy mix of watery canned tuna and mayo slapped together between two pieces of sliced bread that you always considered a tuna sandwich? Well, today le Pan Bagnat reveals what a sad, shameful excuse for tuna salad that soggy little thing really is. Literally translating to bathed bread, the french spin is a sandwich version of the niçoise salad. The sandwich derives its name from the process of bathing the bread in olive oil and garlic before stuffing it with a salad mixture (one I assure you is completely devoid of mayonnaise). The trick is actually to leave it in the fridge overnight, allowing the bread to stew and soak up all the juices. Bon appetit!

23. Mushrooms and Wheat Berries


The best kinds of recipes are those where you can leave the measuring cups stashed safely in the drawer and sort the ingredients out by the handful, using your eye for as the final judge. This one gives you an outline, allowing you to decide on all the details according to your own taste. I do hope you like mushrooms, though, as this recipe utilizes garlic, spices, and onion to highlight the funghi flavor over a bed of hearty wheat berries. But it’s up to you to choose your favorite kind, or kinds, and toss them in. So pick up your favorite cremini, chanterelle, or buttons and go ahead - have your way with them!

24. Pesto Chicken Roll


Ah pesto, the miraculous love child spawned from the union of olive oil and basil, and what a gift to the world it was - one whose reach can be extended well beyond the traditional realm of a simple bowl of pasta. This roll suggests an inspired way of applying pesto to last night’s leftover chicken,making it into something completely new as today’s lunch. Dice up the meat and add a bit of mozzarella and sugar snap peas for crunch, then toss it all together with that pesto et voila! Though not specifically suggested, we might throw some sliced tomato on there as well, because doesn’t tomato have a way of just making everything better?

25. Pasta Salad with Broccoli and Peanuts


This recipe is easy to make, incorporates simple ingredients, and is both vegetarian and vegan approved. One of the best parts of a pasta salad is you can make larger quantities of it and have more than one lunch set for the rest of the week - and I’m big on recipe convenience (aka a recipe that enables my cooking laziness). Incorporating whole wheat pasta, broccoli, and a light sauce constructed of oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and peanut butter, this is a healthy dish that will leave you energized and satisfied for the rest of the afternoon!

26. Chicken Salad with Apricots and Almonds


So I may have been giving tuna salad a hard time earlier, but it’s not so much because I protest the concept, I just have a slight aversion towards the kind of salad where the ingredients’ main function is providing a vessel for mayonnaise. To prove it, I have happily selected this little sandwich delight. It replaces the white stuff for greek yogurt - which not only packs loads of protein, but tastes much better too (in my humble opinion). With the nutty, citrus accents of almonds, dried apricots, and mustard, your chicken salad sandwich will never be the same again!