27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Eat Food

1. Make filling a taco easy by putting a fork under it like this:

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North America is truly blessed to call Mexico one of its own .All that guacamole, pico de gallo, beans, tamales, quesadillas, fajitas, Tapatio, MARGARITAS - I would gladly take it all and live out the rest of my days fat and happy. Or we could just spread out a taco bar make a Mexican fiesta out of it? Grab a shell and start filling in those toppings like there’s no tomorrow. Follow the example set before you in the photo, lock your taco into position and you’re set to attack those toppings with BOTH hands.

2. Put a cup of ice in a pitcher of beer to keep it cool:

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There’s little quite so satisfying as a nice, cold brewsky after a long, hot day. It’s non-judgemental, unassuming, democratic, and can be ordered in the largest quantity of all its alcoholic siblings. Grab a table outside, a pitcher, and a couple friends. Lets not kid ourselves - there will be more than one pitcher downed by this group, so in the interest of efficiency, we’ll just start with a couple right off the bat. Now, usually you’d argue against such a suggestion. Who wants that beer sitting out getting warm? Remember this simple math equation to remain in the clear: 1 pitcher + 1plastic cup filled with ice = BEER STAY COLD. Win.

3. Balance a pizza box on a bottle to keep the toppings from getting all over the place:

Via Twitter: @ExploringFacts

Though we may attribute it to the Italians, pizza appears to be fairly engrained as a junk food staple in most western societies, each adding its own particular flavor to the otherwise classic dish. Actually, should you choose to throw some veggie-style toppings on your pie, one might be able to argue some nutritional value in its favor. Simple enough to make yourself, even easier to pick up on the way home from work. The only problem is the irritating habit of those toppings to stick to the box as it slides around in the passenger seat. Here we have the answer to those poor lost topping woes: place a bottle at the base of the seat and you’ll keep that pie balanced and safe for the ride home!

4. If you and another person want to tackle a pint of ice cream, split it the right way:

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Offering up a pint-sized package of ice cream is a dangerous temptation to such ice cream monsters as myself. Swooping up some Ben & Jerry’s after a long day certainly never leads to an increased level of confidence in my own willpower and self discipline. Eat only a third, or half and save the rest for later? Yeah right. Once the spoon touches that delightful, creamy heaven it’s all over. Best solution? Share. Best way to ensure a fair, even split leaving both parties happy? Slice that little devil right down the middle and dig in.

5. Use a straw to ensure even topping distribution:

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We may all be aware of the crazy markup prices at a movie theater refreshment stand, but who can resist that jumbo-sized buttery, salty bucket of popcorn? Sure, you stop off at a 711 on the way and sneak in your favorite chocolate or sugary candy snacks, but there is absolutely no popcorn equivalent parallel in taste to that which you buy on site. It’s the kernels on the top that are the best, too - those bits overloaded with butter and salt after your feeble attempt to infuse the dry layers lingering at the bottom of the bag. Stick a straw on that spout and you can enjoy that buttery layer all the way to the last drop of popcorn.People may look at you weird, but you don’t care. It’ll be dark soon.

6. The right way to open a kiss:

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The mind-blowing food opening epiphany caused by this little gif is akin to finding out you’ve been opening a banana from the wrong side your whole life. Oh, didn’t you know that? That’ll be for another time, then. Apparently that little Hershey’s white paper flag waving from out of the foil wrapper isn’t there just signaling a non-threatening hello. It actually serves a practical, functional purpose. Who knew? Why don’t they advertise this stuff?

7. How to microwave two bowls at the same time:

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Who doesn’t love leftovers? They’re delicious and incredibly enabling to the lazy day cook in all of us. I generally cook my meals with the idea of something carrying over to another one on the back burner, or so to speak. If it’ll be microwave appropriate, all the better! The only problem there is when you need to prepare two servings in two separate bowls, or have two sides to reheat at the same time. You want everything to be hot and ready to eat at the same time, right? The creative answer to your dilemma involves the simple employment of a coffee mug. Prop one of those bowls up and you’ll be well on your merry way to a quick meal!

8. How to cut small foods:

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There’s something undeniably stress relieving about taking a chef’s knife and going to town on some onions or carrots, whacking away in a workout of frustration. The need to chop up something small and soft, like a grape or cherry tomato for example, is a whole other story. In fact, the tedious attention required to slice each of those puppies in half one by one can be downright irritating. Rather than letting yourself stew in vexation, take a tip from this list and grab a couple tupperware lids. Be careful not to push too hard or you’ll be left with a bit more crushed than sliced.

9. How to get the best bread for a sandwich:

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I never would have ever thought to do this. Call me a square ,but I would never have been rebellious enough to consider putting TWO slices of bread into ONE toaster slot together. Talk about your out-of-the-box thinking. Rather than toasting both sides of your bread, giving you the sensation of biting into a sandwich held together between two large crackers, this gives you the best of both worlds. Allow the soft interior to hug those tasty sandwich innards while enjoying the crunchy exterior brought to you by the likes of a panini!

10. The right way to empty soda into your fridge:

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Scrolling through this list you can’t help but wonder if the ingenuity stems from the original product design or is simply a happy coincidence some clever consumer discovered, throw a little flavor into the otherwise mundane. I hope it’s the latter, because otherwise what purpose would these intentional design conveniences serve if the producers neglect to share their function with the world? Nothing to worry about in this case though. Boxes of canned soda are simply that, boxes. Clearly this discovery is the work of some Diet Coke ninja (or addict).

11. If you’re down to your last bit of something in a jar, just throw some ice cream in there and go out with a bang:

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Good lord. GOOD. LORD. This is surely the best thing I’ve seen all week, perhaps all month. The mere suggestion of ice cream + an emptying jar has my mind spiralling out of control in the entire realm of possibilities this has broken into. Let your inner fat kid closet eater be whisked away alongside mine on a journey lined with pots of strawberry jam, that creamy cookie butter from Trader Joe’s, and Betty Crocker frosting filled with ice cream joys as decadent as salted caramel, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate brownie fudge, and I could just keep this ball rolling on and on and on. I also just drooled all over my keyboard.

12. How to eat a cupcake the right way:

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Much like a muffin top, the cupcake top is clearly the cupcake’s better half. In fact, the cupcake top is a bit of the extreme version considering it’s got all the goodness of the muffin kind AND all that frosting. And when done right, that frosting is piled high enough to double the height of the cake itself. Only problem with that is the challenge that arises when you want to take a bite. Some lovely soul discovered a practical approach to this very serious dilemma: turn that cupcake into a frosting sandwich! Not only is it easier to bite into, but you’re also left with a much more even frosting-cake distribution.

13. What the lines on solo cup actually mean:

Ok, so here lies a prime example of the product's creator failing to appropriately notify consumersof all product functions. This little plastic cup so iconic of the four year stretch that is the college student life is even more useful than we all realized. For all those times these classy red studs stood in place of real glasses, these little lines could really have come in handy had someone spread the word of their indications. Though truth be told, I can’t imagine many college students would really care.

14. The right way to eat Oreos:

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Remember those old Reeses commercials, the ones declaring there was no wrong way to eat one? Such an expression is without question more applicable to the Oreo. So many ways to enjoy the classic cookie, from combinations of twisting and eating from the inside out to taking a bite of the whole sandwich in its prepared form. One fact remains no matter your consumption preferences: milk dunking is always a WIN. To achieve Michael Jordan professional dunking status, grab a fork and exploit the stickiness of the cream. Did someone call for an Oreo baller? You have arrived.

15. How to make Oreo ice coffee:

Via foodiggity.com

While we’re on the topic of Oreos, lets ride that train into town a bit. Never could the masterminds behind this deceivingly simple dessert have imagined the expansive reach their little chocolate sandwich would come to achieve. The cookies and cream theme spans all kinds of dessert varieties from ice cream, to cheesecake, to cupcakes. Now we bring you the incredibly easy to prepare Oreo iced coffee. My favorite part of this little recipe? The milk serves as the cream, meaning I’m free to lick off all that sugary cream off the Oreo before using the chocolate bits in my coffee. My morning is officially made.

16. Wrap a wet paper towel around a drink and throw it in the freezer to cool it off quickly:

Via siriuslymeg.tumblr.com

This is just a nifty, helpful little trick. Though some of the mind-food epiphanies included on this list may not be applicable to absolutely everyone (those with a screw loose who don’t enjoy oreos or ice cream, for example) I dare you to find someone who couldn’t make use out of a technique to chill a drink on the fly. You get home from the store and want to crack open a soda, beer, what have you, and it’s still at room temperature. Rather than waiting an hour for it to chill in the refrigerator, or worse - diluting the flavor with ice cubes, all that’s required of you is a wet paper towel and some freezer space.

17. Cool off a drink the right way:

Via theberry.com

Speaking of keeping things cool, while the above trick could easily be applied to a bottle of white wine, it’s a trick that does nothing in the way of keeping that wine at the desired temperature as it sits in your glass. Borrowing from the idea behind other non-water innovations of the frozen variety (ie. coffee cubes or milk cubes), why not go back to the roots and freeze some grapes? Already a refreshing, often crisp and fruity beverage choice for summer weather, grapes are the most appropriate pairing to keep that wine below room temperature without watering it down.

18. How to eat a strawberry like a professional:

Via amy-newnostalgia.blogspot.com

Making its second appearance on this list and proving itself worthy of the title as a quality food-hacking tool is none other than the straw. And what could be more appropriately suited to work with STRAWberries? The name of the fruit itself attempts to push us in the right direction for how its juices are meant to be enjoyed. Utilising a straw appears to successfully eliminate the stem without losing too much of the fruit in the process. Winning. Pack a couple straws in your picnic basket and you can be on your merry way!

19. How to cut bread the right way:

Via twistedsifter.com

I can’t say the possibility that I’ve been slicing my bread the wrong way has ever crossed my mind. Have knife will slice, am I right? I will admit, however, having experienced the tinge of disappointment upon cutting into a fresh from the oven loaf of crunchy french bread and watching bits of that crunchy exterior flake off. As previously acknowledged in regards to muffins and cupcakes, the top crust is always the best. So flip that fresh loaf over and saw away! Who cares if a bit from the bottom falls by the wayside.

20. No bowl? No problem:

Via Twitter: @ExploringFacts

There are some food habits best kept to yourself, only to be engaged in when no one is around. Remember the brilliant suggestion of going to town on a soon to be empty jar of Nutella with a bit of ice cream? Though perhaps falling slightly outside of the sinfully delicious guilty snackcategory, the hoodie bowl still categories as one to engage in when not surrounded by company. Or, you know, not. You could just lean over and share your hoodie popcorn with your buds. Do what you want.

21. Freeze a water bottle on its side to ensure you have cold water the next morning when you fill the rest of it up:

Via seriouslyforreal.com

Such a simple action that makes a big difference when you head out on a hike in the morning, or out to play some sport of your choosing. In high school I always felt the need to choose between lukewarm water and having to wait for a frozen bottle to thaw when it came to packing water for sports practice. Little did I know that merely a simple positioning adjustment was all that was necessary for ice cold water all practice long. Should’ve been obvious, really.

22. How to open a stubborn pistachio:

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Sometimes you’ve got to do a little grunt work for the reward of a natural edible delight. You know, we’re talking the need for utensils resembling pliyers to get into all those delectable seafood crustaceans, digging deep into the shell of a snail for the buttery goodness of escargot, and of course cracking open the protective casing hiding away a pistachio. And don’t we always come the end of the bag to behold a handful left behind, without enough of a crack to pry open without bending your nail back or cracking your teeth. Instead of reluctantly tossing what’s left, grab a loose shell, wedge it in and twist. No more pistachios shall go to waste in this house.

23. The right way to drink out of a can:

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And yet again we see the straw make its way onto our list. Who knew you were so unaware of all you were missing out on by way of such an unassuming little drinking device? Perhaps this particular trick appears less useful than some others on this list. But it does work to lessen those minor daily frustrations, an action seemingly minute in scale, but that can subtly contribute to an overall peace of mind. Plus you can look like a step above your group of friends when you present your knowledge on how to correctly use a straw when drinking from a can.

24. How to separate the yolk from the rest of the egg:

graciinthekitchen.com / Via youtube.com

YES. Here is an extremely helpful application of science and the function of a vacuum. How many times have you attempted to separate the egg whites from their yoke, carefully passing the yellow ball back and forth across the jagged ridges of the two halves of shell only to brake the yoke on one of such edges? There goes another egg wasted - and for the last time! Instead just crack open the egg normally into a bowl and use a plastic bottle to suck that yoke out. Brilliance.

25. How to cut food the right way:

Via dailydawdle.com

This technique brings back middle school memories, when sharing chapstick with a friend involved using a strand of hair to slice away the germ-contaminated top layer. Why did we do that? Kids clearly don’t care about germs. And using hair? The same idea but with dental floss as the utensil is much less revolting, and certainly more hygienic. As we can see here, clearly the delicate makeup of the strong, white string performs much more beautifully than a clunky knife when it comes to slicing into softer foods. I may just have to give this one a shot . . .

26. How to ensure a proper sandwich to meat ratio

Via dedalvs.tumblr.com

Upon reaching adulthood, most people have kicked the habit of eliminating the crusts from the edges of homemade sandwiches. You get over that, perhaps due to an understanding that the crusts aren’t so bad, particularly when a mouthful is accompanied by a bit of the sandwich innards. That’s the bigger problem, right? You haven’t prepared a sandwich for a mouthful of plain bread. Even growing older I find myself occasionally tossing the corners to the side. Not anymore. Such a simple idea, but one that will seriously rock my sandwich eating world.

27. And, most importantly, how to make sure you always have a taco on the go:

Via picky-palate.com

How appropriate that our love of Mexican cuisine kicks off our list and then circles back for its conclusion. In fact, you could even apply the leftovers from that Mexican fiesta to this one. Perhaps the most crucial of our discoveries to include on the top 27 (we saved the best for last), we present you with the much inspired how-to for packing those homemade tacos to go! You may want to use a potato chip bag of the larger size available - we assure you will be feeling the pressure to share that beautiful wealth!