4 Best Ways To Flirt

Flirting is simply an art, and how you wish to portray it depends on your skills. Flirting should not be confused by throwing yourself to a man, NO! It should be rather about the tips and hits that should make the man you eye want you or make moves to you. For many ladies that are not pros, flirting can be a very frustrating and diminishing experience and hence here are just but tactics on how to flirt right.

1. Smile and approachable


The first thing that woos a man to pursing a woman is her smile. A genuine smile should be good enough to send the right signal. Be warm too. Rudeness should not be anywhere near the conversation while trying to send signals. Periodically laugh to his jokes ad this will boost his interest in you and definitely you will have your catch. Just to note, if you don't have that natural smile, you could compliment it with being kind and a little fake smile won’t be harmful (but don't overdo the fakeness)

2. Be complimentary


With compliments, it should be strictly honest compliments. Don't "cook-up" compliments that are not valid. For instance shouldn't compliment a short guy of his adorable height, it might sound offensive. Maybe you could start with the cologne, the color of his eyes, the car he is driving, anything that will capture the guy's sense of you flirting with him. As well, you should highlight the most adorable features that made you want to hit on that guy. Generally, men are full of compliments and don't feel ashamed to smile and be thankful of his compliments.

3. Maintain eye contact and a little tease


A key to maintain that sprouting flirt is maintaining the eye contact. It raises the confidence of both parties. You feel in control of your game and so does the man. Maintaining eye contact should be made lively by a smile that we initially highlighted as the first stronghold to sustain the flirt. Sometimes the man might think that he has you already if you are very soft with him. A little tease does excellent magic with him so don't make him so comfortable with you. You can tease him along his story lines in that you can get corny a little bit but not always. As well, send mixed signals without directly meaning like touching him in a teasing manner.

4. Be girly and feminine at the same time


This is usually the killer move. Accepting who you are and taking that to your advantage to get a man gets your esteem on another level. This is a very simple art to master. You should know how your body is and how best to groom up, apply some sweet perfume, face and make up should suit your skin tone. Your hair should also sell you. Men like hair that smells good and so you should be very particular with your hair if you really want to capture a man's interest. Also you should behave not bossy around the man. Well, men like the "status" that they are in control, so why not give it him. It is not like you are giving in or something rather you are letting him take charge of the flirting and your work is done, you already have your man.


Well, the next guy you hit on, make sure you use some of this charm. It has the Midas touch believe me!