4 Most Essential Tips for Quick and Healthy Weight Loss

Two of the most common questions people – and particularly women – ask me is how to lose weight fast, and how to properly maintain it afterwards. While dieting and exercising are typically part of most weight loss regimens, my experience taught me that they’re not the only aspects that matter – at least, not to the extend most people tend to take them. The basic principle of “take in fewer calories and burn more to lose weight” remains valuable, but it still needs a couple of adjustments to become truly effective for all women.

Below I will show you a few drastic weight loss tips that will make your efforts rewarding.

1. Keep a Food Diary

Most of us tend to overlook the importance of keeping a food diary, but recent studies suggest that this can make a difference between success and failure. By writing down all of the foods you consume every day along with their approximate calorie intake and portion size, you will successfully acknowledge where all of those calories come from. You will be able to quickly identify the foods that pack the most calories and those that pack fewer, which will allow you to recreate your meals effectively, and essentially craft your personal diet plan.

Needless to mention, a food diary will make your efforts more accountable, as you will be able to regularly monitor your progress, and gradually make adjustments as needed to finally lose weight.

2. Eat At Least 500 Calories Less Every Day

If you are just like me, then you also wish to shed those extra pounds faster than normally, and not wait months until you finally succeed. The next thing that happens? You will probably aim for skipping one meal a day in an attempt to cut more calories, only to self-sabotage your own efforts by succumbing to sweet temptation due to having starved yourself.

Instead of starving yourself repeatedly only to minimize your daily calorie intake, the alternative I recommend is aiming for eating 500 calories less every day. Let’s not forget that 2,000 calories is the suggested daily calorie intake for proper weight maintenance, whilst 1,300 calories is the absolute minimum you should be eating every day, according to experts.

How can you eat fewer calories? That’s pretty simple, especially if you are keeping a food diary. You can either reduce portion size or completely give up on those foods that pack too many calories. Another option you have is replacing them with other foods that come with a lower calorie intake. Craft your meals so that your daily calorie intake will drop to 1,500, and your body will do the rest.

3. Supplement with Amino Acids and Vitamins

Most modern diets lack important nutrients such as vitamins, and they likely pack minimal amounts of amino acids as well – which, by the way, help with effective protein synthesis in the muscle, hence resulting in more muscle, and less fat. One way to ensure that your weight loss efforts will be effective is supplementing your diet with those nutrients that contribute to efficient fat burning. L-Carnitine is particularly efficient, as your body uses it to transform fat into fuel, which results in burning more calories during every workout session.

Another favorite of mine is chromium picolinate, which helps curb appetite and prevent food cravings. Vitamin C should also be on your list, as it balances the cortisol spikes that occur when you are under stress, and also contributes to Carnitin production in the body. Low-fat and low-carb protein shakes are recommended for those moments when sweet cravings become irresistible – they pack minimal amounts of sugar, fats, and carbs, they come with tons of protein, and they will satiate you as well.

4. Have a Daily Dose of Aerobic Exercise

Exercise is critical to successfully achieving your weight loss goals. Not only because it helps burn fat, but also because it gradually tightens your skin as you drop pounds – ladies, you don’t like sagging skin, do you?

In terms of training, I am an adept of stationary bike, running, biking, and active weight lifting. As a matter of fact, doing exercises that increase your heart beat will help you more when it comes to fat loss, because they also accelerate your metabolic rate, hence increasing the amount of calories burned. Have a daily dose of aerobic exercise, and aim to reduce your daily calorie intake by 100-200 calories if possible. The more intense the routine, the more calories you will end up burning.

My suggestion? Head to the gym in the morning, as you will be more alert and ready to take on any challenge than you are in the afternoon, after having worked for hours.