4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Quiet while Traveling

When we travel with the kids it can be a huge deal, because we want nothing but for them to be quiet at certain time. When you are trying to travel here are a few tips that can help you out when taking the kids on a plane or in the car for a long ride.

1. Reading Books

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Books is one thing that can keep them quiet. Kids love books and when they are reading and or doing something that distracts them you will notice that you will have a silent time while driving or sitting on the plane. You choose your kids favorite books and let them sit there and read as the traveling continues. They can have more than one, so that you will be ensured that they are quiet for a while and not screaming or being upset.

2. Playing Games

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Games are awesome and everyone can play them. Sometimes we tend to give our kids the phone for games or get them a video game player. You can do this or you can play the quiet games which will keep them quiet for a little bit until you reach your destination. Sometimes handheld games work better, because the colors and action distracts them from what is going on. Remember to add some games to the trip in order to get some quiet time for the kids.

3. Watching cartoons

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Watching tv is the best thing and it does keep the kids quiet. When you start to travel you should try and add something to your Ipod or player in order to get them to sit and watch. Their favorite cartoons is a must, because you know they will be too distracted to really make a lot of noise or scream like crazy. Sometimes having enough cartoons will have them sitting and maybe even fall asleep, so add cartoons or movies to your list of traveling objectives.

4. Eating snacks

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Snacks really keep them occupied as long as you have enough. when you start giving them snacks they will sit and watch cartoons or play video games. When they have something that they love munching on you will not hear anything from them for awhile unless it is to ask for more of what they were eating. Yes traveling can be hard with little ones, but once you master something stick to it until they get older.