40 Logos with Hidden Messages

Did you know that there’s an arrow hidden in FedEx logo? You have probably missed that tiny detail when you saw the logo for the first time, but once you know where to look, you cannot un-see it.

1. FedEx, Amazon, Pinterest, Gillette

2. Vaio, Cisco, Le Tour de France, Toblerone

3. LG, Continental, Northwest Airlines, Kölner Zoo

4. Galleries Lafayette, Museum of London, F1, Baskin Robbins

5. Unilever, Shelter, Roxy, Via Rail Canada

6. Pittsburgh Zoo, LSO, Eagle, BMW

7. NBC, Goodwill, Beats, Carrefour

8. Tostitos, British Heart Foundation, Milwaukee Brewers, Hershey Kisses

9. British Blind Sport, Sun, Washington Capitals, The Guild of Food Writers

10. San Diego Zoo, Jack in the Box, Eighty 20, Coca-Cola