5 Awesome Quotes That Sum Up Your Life

We all want to live meaningful and purposeful lives(or at least we should want to.) Life is a beautiful thing, and you only get one. Because of this, you should really try on making this one the best it could possibly be. But how can I live a great life?Well there are many tips out there on this topic, but here are 5 great ones that sum all of them up pretty nicely. Please enjoy!

1. You are in Charge of Your Life!

The first thing you should know, and really take in, is that you are in charge of you life. You are who you are, and your life can be whatever you want it to be. Do not let other's opinions or ways hold you back from living a purposeful life. But more importantly, do not let your own opinions of yourself hold you back. Love yourself for who you are, and be OK with what you are not. No one can be everything, it's simply impossible. But you have plenty of great talents and things to offer this world, so don't beat yourself up, if you can't do everything. YOU ROCK JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!

2. Always Try Your Best!

If you want to live a life on purpose you must first figure out what you want, then go out and work toward your goals. You must keep going, and never give up. Life can be rough sometimes, and feel like you are getting nowhere, but keep stepping one foot at a time, and you will make it!! Success only comes to those who work for it continuously...so keep chugging!!

3. Go Your Own Path!

There are a lot of paths you can take. There are a lot of ways you can live your life: You can follow the crowd, or take a turn and go your own way. You could take the easy route and get high, or you could turn around and take the tougher route, and get even higher. It's all up to you...remember you are in charge!!! If you want to get farther in life, you have to take the harder paths. It sucks sometimes, but the end result is a lot more worth it!! Chose the right road to take...even if it looks scary, take it anyway!!!

4. See Life Positively!

This one is a big one. Being positive, even in hard situations is very hard to master. It is very easy to let our surrounding affect us, and take over our emotions. But like I've mentioned before, you are in charge of you. This means that you are in control of how you let your surroundings effect. If someone is trying to make you angry, don't given. They can't pull the trigger if you don't give them a gun. Keep walking, for they are not worth your time. Being able to rub off negative feelings will make a huge difference in your life. You will find yourself a lot happier, and you'll be able to see something great in each situation. WEAR YOUR "NEGATIVE PROOF" JACKET AND GO OUT AND LIVE YOU LIFE!!!

5. Be Responsible & Cautious!

Lastly, be responsible and cautious. You will have to make many choices in your life, big and small. Just make sure you think through your actions before you do them, and think before you say. All of your actions will have consequences, just make sure there good ones! Do nothing carelessly. It may cost you more then you could ever imagine. Be a good conductor of your life, and take good care of yourself and others around you...Also never hesitate to try things new, making these new choices may open great doors, who knows?!!!

I invite you to write more great pieces of advice down in the comments below!!! There are a lot more tips out there, let's hear yours!