5 Colored Wedding Decoration Ideas

When it comes to weddings there are a few things that you may have to look into and one of them is the color of your decorations. You usually pick your colors according to your theme, but sometimes you may want certain colors for certain things that are in your wedding.

1. Baby Blue Wedding Colors

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2. White on White Wedding Colors

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Baby Blue is a nice color you can use this with white or any other color that looks good. Baby blue is one color that many do not use often, but in many cases it is used with white and or pink. Baby blue roses and or flowers would make a great addition to your wedding ceremony. There are other things that you can make baby blue as well if you want to use this light blue color.

Many ceremonies are known to be all white. When you are thinking about colors, but you have nothing in mind then having a white on white color would be the best option. This is usually the traditional way of doing your wedding ceremony when you are not into the entire coloring scheme. White on white will give you a nice look, but make sure that you stay far away from dirt as possible.

3. Pink on Pink Wedding Theme

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Many women love pink and sometimes a nice pink on pink theme would be a great idea. You may not be able to get your husband in pink, but if you wanted to you could have all of your decorations in pink and then everything else white or a different color that would look good. Pink on pink is a pretty look and you will love the look once everything is done.

4. Frosted Blue Wedding Theme

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Frosted blue is usually for the winter months, because it can look sparkly and shiny. Frosted blue can still be used in your wedding theme especially if you want to have an all-out crystal look. Frosted blue is a great combination with white and some diamond decorations. Frosted blue looks clean and can be added to any of your wedding decorations.

5. Multi-color Wedding Theme

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Multi-color decorations are used when you want an all-out color scheme. When you think of multi-color you are thinking about all the colors that you can use in your wedding that would go together. Your wedding ceremony will have some of each color involved which will bring out a nice rainbow look. You can use all types of colors, but remember that some of them will have to be coordinated. You want colors that go together and not colors that look off from each other.