5 Real Ways To Start Loving Yourself

Loving oneself is an attribute that most people in the world neglect. Busy trying to prove ones worth in the eyes of the public is a key issue that drains or makes you not love yourself. Loving one-self is greatly confused with narcissism, nor "self-hate" be confused with misogyny. Loving yourself is a one of the great favors you can ever reward yourself. From health benefits to emotional benefits as well as intellectual gains. As discussed below you will get to know how to love yourself.

Be a self listener


A key approach to loving yourself should be listening to the inner deep emotions of how you feel. Listening to your emotions, ideas, thoughts, and so on will be a good way for you to improve on your inner voice. The inner voice needs to be natured since it is that part that makes you who you are.

Try to exercise self compassion


It is very important to know your worth. Nothing portrays the best in you than being good to yourself. By this, it means some positive activities that will outline how best you are by proving to yourself. Gifting yourself with some personal time will also give you the attribute that will give you enough time to even know yourself. With the time, you could try treating yourself or celebrating your achievements maybe a dinner at a fancy restaurant once in a while.

Try and identify loving people


Identifying loving people or a person that makes you feel good about yourself should be a step to loving yourself. Whenever you are appreciated, the feeling you get makes you feel good about yourself and in-turn begin to love yourself. Being around negative or judgemental people or person that never sees the good in you or other people might give you the impression that you are not worthy and might ruin your inner conscience of not even loving yourself since so and so said or rebuked you. Clearly stay away from such people.

Indulge in activities you love


Starting from a career or work, since that occupies a good percentage of your day, you should choose a career that you feel good about. Enjoying what you do for a living, hobby, interest or any activity that covers your day should be another key milestone to self-love. Doing something that you hate might send a signal to your brain that you are not worth yourself and will be degrading yourself or what you think of yourself.

Understanding yourself and plan appropriately


Knowing your inner self is the ideal step to realizing self-love. This should enable you to plan your activities well enough to know when to indulge in recreation, your personal time, time for friends. Well, they say all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl, so you should creatively know how to fix all your plans well to enjoy all that is around you. By this you will be able to nurture your body physically and emotionally with the activities you initially highlighted. This is the actual cure to self-loving.

We all know that God created us in His image, this should be the ultimate reason to convince yourself to love yourself with no doubts.