5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory

The ability to remember things is very crucial and can be very embarrassing if you can't keep track of your plans. Memory loss or poor memory is caused mostly by a negative lifestyle and mostly stress. A key strategy to cope with this aspect is total lifestyle change (TLC) as well as being able to avoid the causes of the poor memory. Start improving you memory right now!

Proper diet


Having a good and balanced diet is a one of the most recommended ways of increasing and improving your memory. Foods that are majorly fresh vegetables and organic omega-6 or 3 diets that do avoid sugars or grain carbohydrates. Vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli are enriched with antioxidants that protect brain cells as well as facilitate the growth of more brain cells.

Physical and brain workouts


It has been proven beyond doubt that exercise forms an important part of brain growth and rejuvenation. This stimulates the growth of brain and nerve cells to fully be at potential and work properly. Engaging in physical workouts such as gym, running, jogging or aerobics is a great way of exercise. Mental or brain activity could be increased by trying to solve puzzles, maybe engage in newer tasks that are not routine oriented or so.

Good and restful sleep


Having a restful and comfortable sleep should be a thing to seriously take into consideration when improving your memory. Having enough rest gives the brain enough time to gain rest too. Sleep is known to establish and enhance your memories, with enough and comfortable sleep, the brain gets to comprehend new things more accurately. Well, it was said that if you slept in class while you were an infant was bad, but true to this argument, you enhanced greatly your memory and improved on more memory related tasks. This does not mean that you sleep the whole day and night claiming that you are resting that will be underperforming your mind and cultivating memory loss.

Ideal tasks


Identifying a purposeful and positively engaging task keeps the mind engaged in whatever you are doing and in turn will boost your ability to recall more. These tasks should be things that should not bring about stress and will keep you involved. A purposeful activity reduces the risks of stress related activities keeping the mind in a very secure and nurtured condition. These tasks should indulge some brain activity, in that don’t pick a task like sleeping that will make your mid idle or underperform the brain activities.

Mnemonic Devices


These are tools that aid to jog or improve the memory status of a certain issue. More so they are used to help in remembering when cramming or when the thing is too long and still want to get it right. They include acronyms, rhyming, acrostics, chunking, as well as Loci. Well, the most common include the nine planets whose common acrostic is My Very educated Mothers Just Served Us Nice Potatoes to represent Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto. A common acronym is ROYGBIV for the Rainbow colors Red Orange Yellow Blue Indigo Violet.