5 Ways to Color Mason Jars

Five ways to color mason jars! Master bathroom makeup holders

1. Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

DIY Tutorial: jessiedaye.com

Nothing better than a "fancy" mason jar : ) Get your glitter and glue out girls because we're making fancy jars again! Aren't these perfect for an engagement party? Wedding? New Years!? Love!

2. How to Make Colored Mason Jars

DIY Tutorial: jessiedaye.com

These are my Moroccan colored mason jars. I used the same process as I am about to explain below and then when they were all dry we applied gold puffy paint and stick on gems to the outside of the jars.

3. Gold Mason Jars

DIY Tutorial: jessiedaye.com

This was featured on Home and Family on the Hallmark channel with two other coloring tutorials. If you want to see the spray painted jars continue on my friends....

4. How to make Glitter Mason Jars

DIY Tutorial: jessiedaye.com

What's better than making a colored mason jar!? A sparkley, glittery, amazingly beautiful Glitter Mason Jar! I'm in love

5. Dream Jars

DIY Tutorial: jessiedaye.com

Spray paint your mason jar with the chalkboard spray paint. Let dry and use the chalkboard marker to write inspirational words all over the jar then fill with your dreams!