5 Ways to Make Your Nails Stronger

There are a lot of ways to make your nails stronger and you should use them in order to get your nails to grow and just be healthy and strong. You will love these tips and use them for your benefits. These tips will help you keep your nails healthy and strong without going overboard with all the other products out there.

1. Supplements

You can take some biotin in order to keep your nails nice and strong Using this is not the only thing that you need to do, because there are a lot more things that need to be done. Supplements will help along with eating healthy foods when it comes to keeping your nails strong.

2. Don't Bite Your Nails

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You do not want to bite your nails. You have to make sure that you just let them grow and leave them alone. Biting them will make them weak and they will break easier. You do not want your nails to break easy, so keep them off of your teeth so that you can start getting strong nails.

3. Trim Your Nails

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You would want to trim your nails regularly. You can do this in order to keep your nails round and strong. Doing a nice trim can help you and your nails along the way of becoming healthy. They will be stronger as long as you take care of them and keep them round. This will help your nails, but do not trim really short if you do not like that style. You just do not want them too long to where they break off.

4. Limit Nail Polish Remover Use

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Limit your nail polish remover use. When you paint your nails try and not use the remover all the time. One way to do this is to not paint your nails all the time. When you paint your nails you can just paint them the color that you want and then go from there, but using the remover all the time will weaken your nails.

5. Apply Moisture

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When you nails are wet apply moisture to them, adding some lotion or something that will make your hands soft is a good idea while they are wet. You can do this when you are done washing your hands and so on. Make sure that you add some moisture and keep doing that so that you can get stronger nails.