5 Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding are wonderful and they are great to have. Sometimes we get stuck on what theme we would want to have, but we have to remember that there are so many out there to choose from. You can choose the wedding theme of your dreams with a little thought.

1. Fairytale Theme

Image by weddingrumors

Who wouldn’t want to look like a princess on their wedding day? You can rest assure that a nice fairytale them with the works would look good on any special day. You can use this theme in the fall, summer, spring or winter and it will still look amazing. This is a great theme when you want to have something done different.

2. Vegas Theme

Image by magnetstreet

Yes many couples love Vegas so a nice Vegas theme would look great. You can do this in doors or you can have this outside. This is a theme that takes a lot more thought, but it can be done once everything is planned out. Vegas is a wonderful place and if you want to add it to your special day then you can make that happen. You will be able to bring Vegas to you and your family without everyone traveling.

3. Military Theme

Image by theeverylastdetail

Having a spouse in the military will do wonders for you and your wedding. You can make your wedding special by adding your own military theme. You and your spouse can do the military theme that you have always wanted, but add some spice to it as well. This theme is one that many do when they are service members, but sometimes the traditional military theme is better than adding more stuff to it.

4. Rose Wedding Theme

Image by fourthfloorwalkup

Do you love roses? Well if you and your spouse love roses then you may want to have some nice rose themes. Having a rose theme is a nice way to start your wedding off. You can have a nice little rose bouquet and then everything else will be roses as well. You will love the different colored roses that you come up with.

5. Snowy Theme

Image by buybridalweddinggownsshop

Sometimes it may not snow where you are, but that does not stop you from having a nice winter theme. Having the snow around your wedding will lighten up your big day. There are a lot of couples that love snow and sometimes it is nice to have something that you love in your wedding ceremony. You can have fake snow if you are not around snow all the time or if you cannot have the wedding in the snow. A snowy theme is really fun and it can be very eye catching.