50+ Inspirational Christmas Crafts

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Not just my favorite holiday, but my favorite time of year. Christmas trees, cinnamon and spices, cold ground after rain and snow...

Tutorial: Urbancomfort

Finger puppets were made from felt covered coin wrapper rolls and 1 1/4-inch wooden doll heads (found at Michaels) that were glued onto the wrapper. Bits and pieces of felt and pipecleaners bring these guys to life. (If you twist in a small screw eye at the top of the head, I bet these would make cute ornaments as well.)

Construction Paper Wreath

Tutorial: andrewrachelashmore.blogspot.com

Hang the final product in a window, on a door, or make a garland of them across the classroom ceiling.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Tutorial: kayboocreations.blogspot.com

There are only a few steps to get this project done: First get your brother in laws to cut out 3 wooden trees in 3 different sizes from scrap wood, decide what pattern to put on each tree, pick your colors, paint, wax and glue the stars on.

Paper Plate Rudolph

Tutorial: education.com

This activity spotlights everyone’s favorite reindeer, Rudolph, and preseves your child's handprints in his "antlers"

Toilet Paper Roll Santa

Tutorial: krokotak.com

We do love those paper rolls and have long stopped throwing them away. Sometimes we start making one thing but get another just as easy and amusing.

Toilet Roll Choir

Tutorial: sewsensational.wordpress.com

Bet you didn’t think a toilet roll choir was going to be on your wish list this year, did you?

Christmas Tree of Hearts

Tutorial: Kidsplaybox

Here we have a Christmas craft brimming with love and joy from the favorite material of all of us - paper roll.

Christmas Trees, Centerpieces and Displays

Tutorial: Allfreecrafts

Get in the creative spirit and learn how to make your own Christmas trees, centerpieces and displays to decorate your home for the holidays, including recycled coat hanger trees, Christmas displays under glass, pine arrangements and poinsettia baskets.

Reindeer Cork Christmas Pin

Tutorial: Daniellesplace

Very cute and very easy-to-make craft that will be a good decoration for Christmas!

Christmas Reindeer Pot

Tutorial: Sheknows

This Christmas reindeer pot is an easy craft that your kids can make in minutes. The pot is a cute way to store candy canes or other Christmas treats, and can even be a creative package for a small gift.

Bed Spring Christmas Tree

Tutorial: Daniellesplace

Creative, extravagant, modern... and looks like a really expansive designer creation!

Bird Seed Ornaments

Tutorial: Onehundreddollarsamonth

These little ornaments are a great way to decorate the bare winter branches outdoors, and the kiddos will love the fact that the birds are there because of them.

Candy Cane Reindeer

Tutorial: Onehundreddollarsamonth

This craft is a great way to get rid of leftover yarn and is pretty easy for little fingers. The whole project will only take you about 10 minutes–now that is my kind of commitment.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tutorial: Oneperfectdayblog

Create some adorable and oh-so-simple Christmas Trees made with cupcake cases. These are a great no-mess, no-fuss kids craft.

Santa Clause Paper Plate

Tutorial: bearyhelpful.blogspot.ca

These Santa Clause paper plate Christmas crafts are adorable! They would also make sweet masks for imaginative play.

Paintbrush Ornaments

Tutorial: mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

These adorable paint brush ornaments are the perfect gift for friends that love to paint.

Christmas Cracker

Tutorial: Activityvillage.co.uk

Our Christmas cracker craft will help your Christmas crafting go off with a bang!

Paper Ornament

Tutorial: Curbly

Create these simple but beautiful modern ornaments with a bit of a retro vibe.

Paper Loop Christmas Tree

Tutorial: murdocks.typepad.com

Wouldn't these be perfect for centerpieces for a Holiday Party or even a Christmas Wedding!

Easy Finger Puppets

Tutorial: Woojr

These Christmas finger puppets are easy to create but they are really attractive and interesting and will be perfect presents for all your friends and relatives!

Folded Paper Christmas Tree

Tutorial: Funezcrafts

This Easy Christmas Crafts Folded Paper Christmas Tree project makes a simple and pretty desktop Christmas tree. The Easy Christmas Crafts Folded Paper Christmas Tree project modifies the kirigami process for a folded paper Christmas tree using crayons, glue and embellishments.

**Soft Ball**

Tutorial: Whipup

Use up leftover fabric to make these unique ornaments. No two will be the same!

Paper\-Doily Wreath

Tutorial: Marthastewart

Paper doilies and fairy lights are all you need to create this glowing snowflake wreath.

Popstick Christmas Ornaments

Tutorial: Onecraftymum

These adorable little pop stick ornaments look extremely easy to make and would probably suit kids in the 3+ age range due to some of the smaller materials involved. I tend to avoid the “winter-themed” decorations since the weather for Christmas in Australia is a scorching Summer so instead, you could make some little green elves using a similar method to Santa

Christmas Paper Plate

Tutorial: Kixcereal

Whether you’re crafting with a toddler or a school aged child this Christmas, these iconic characters are fun for a wide range of age groups. Cotton balls and white glue are a toddler’s best crafting friend as they stick instantly without falling off! So pull out the crayons and the paper plates and I’ll show you how to make these fun Christmas paper plate characters.

**Darling Deer**

Tutorial: Parenting

Get in the holiday spirit with these easy Christmas crafts for kids!

**Bottle Cap Snowman**

Tutorial: Parentinghealthybabies

Perhaps this is one of the easiest craft that can be made by kids. All you need are soft drink bottle caps, a glue tape, few colorful ribbons, shirt buttons along with white paint and black sketch. First attach 3 bottle caps side by side using the tape and paint them in white. After the paint dries out completely, make snowman’s face with the black sketch and stick the ribbons and buttons on the cap snowman.

**Santa’s Reindeers**

Tutorial: Parentinghealthybabies

Here’s a tribute to Santa’s Reindeers. A simple reindeer can be made by simple good old hand printing. Remember the Santa face that we’ve discussed above. In the same manner, you could make a reindeer with little material. Mark your palm on a thin cardboard and cut it out. Now, add eyes, nose, horns and the decorations that you like on the reindeer.

Winter Wonderland Globe

Tutorial: Itsthreethirty

For this project you will need: plastic cups, little figurines, fiberfill (pillow fluff), a bottom for the globe, string to hang, glue and the desire to create something valuable!

Cute Winter Girls

Tutorial: Itsthreethirty

Aren’t these adorable! Especially to personalize. You will need: pine cones, paint, knit fabric (cut up old sweaters), pipe cleaners (for feet and hands), toothpicks.

Reese’s Cup Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Treats for Christmas

Tutorial: Hungryhappenings

Aren’t these cute? They are pretty simple to make and it will be a fun project to do with the kids. They’d even be a fantastic edible craft for the kids to make at a holiday party.

Paper Chain Christmas Tree

Tutorial: hilaryishappy.blogspot.com

The perfect paper craft for Christmas. Put those paper chain-making skills to good use!

Pom Pom Snowman Craft

Tutorial: Homemade-gifts-made-easy

Spread some Christmas cheer with these cute Snowman crafts and make the cutest pom pom snowmen!

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