6 Simple Steps to Cope with Depression

Your attitude towards undesirable event threats, uncertainty of the outcome and unending activity to fill the void are the main causes of human depression. How can you effectively deal with these situations to avoid depression? You can take 6 simple steps to deal with and ditch depression.

1. Search your Heart


You don't catch depression the way you catch a cold from someone. Depression is not an infectious human disease. You work yourself into depressed state. You can walk away from it at will. If you search your heart you will discover enormous will power within to kick depression out of your system and life.

2. Social Mirror


You're in and out of peace of mind so often you wonder how you'll ever get over it and say with absolute surety that you've "perfect peace". No one knows this better than you do. Yet you're wrapped up in comparing yourself with others in society. You rely on social mirror because of low self esteem which pushes your depression button on.

3. Seek Alternative Options


Let's have a look at the situation like this: Monique became anxious about the impact of her first pregnancy on her performance at work. She also began to worry about the outcome of the situation in relation to the ultimate effect on her career in future. She had genuine reasons to focus ahead and not let depression dampen her resolve to have the best of the worlds at home and work. Monique's discussion with her friend Joyce assisted her to consider available options in her desire to have a career and raise a family. Monique discovered it was not a choice between one responsibility and the other. Joyce her friend recommended she the need to get a strong support structure at home while also ensuring her team in the office understood her situation and contribution. Joyce admonished her to avoid trying to be a superwoman as no one in life succeeded alone.

4. Set Yourself Free


For most women there is tension between keeping the rules and the freedom that is yours for the taking. Your status is not determined by a set of do's and don'ts rules, ordinances, laws, cultural taboos, or norms. One of the most liberating ideas is to set yourself free from inhibitions. You can lift the lid of limitation off your head to take control and manage your life with no threat of depression hanging over your head today.

5. Solicit Assistance


Let's get back to the situation from the point No.3. Monique didn't want to sit and wait for the inevitable to happen. She knew some of her friends struggle in battling with depression due to lack of soliciting assistance. She couldn't bottle conflicting tensions within. She confided in a trusted friend. Monique found out it was great to unburden her mind with one who could relate to her concerns. You have the same opportunity to avoid depression setting in.

6. Serve on Purpose


You can serve in your field of preference on purpose to fulfill family obligation as a mother, wife and as a career woman by taking the above mentioned 6 simple steps to deal with Depression.