7 Best Foods for Nails, Skin & Hair

There are a lot of things you can do in order to help with your hair, skin and nails. You can take supplements like a vitamin, but you can also make sure that you eat healthy. There are a few things that you can eat, but then I added a few things for your teeth and stomach area as well. You can do any and everything in one shot.

1. Chia Seeds for skin

image & recipe by thehealthyfoodie

Chia seeds help with your skin and you can use these in your oatmeal or natural fruit shake. These seeds are small and black so they will not be that noticeable to you at all. Make sure that you try these in order to nourish for that your skin can glow.

2. Oyster and Nuts for Hair

image by kerrimuirnoodlebar

This one is for hair and they are really good. Yes not many like oysters so you can substitute for just nuts and a few supplements that may help you get the hair that you need. These two products thicken your hair and make it look a lot better and fuller. You will be happy to know that oysters contain a lot of zinc which is more than any other food, so this is why it is listed to thicken your hair.

3. Sea Vegetables for Nails

image by sheknows

Sea vegetables is one that you can use ot have strong nails. There are several sea vegetables that you can eat like seaweed salad. This will make your nails strong and glow like no other. You can get seaweed in powder form if you do not want to eat seaweed on it’s own. You will even be able to get it in flake form. Try this out and see how your nails look after a few weeks.

4. Sesame Seeds for Teeth

image by easy-cookbook

Teeth are great and we only really get one pair. Sesame seeds are great and they help dissolve plaque. These seeds help build huge enamel as well. Do not take these little seeds for granted or roll by them when you are shopping, because they do some good work.

5. Lemon Water for Stomach

image by diycozyhome

When you want to lose your stomach having lemon water will help you. Lemon water is a great way to lose belly fat since it cleans you and is good for you. When you drink water, but you want a little kick try lemon or lime slices in your water instead of reaching for a soda or a seltzer.

6. Maca Powder Clear Blemishes

image by livesuperfoods

Maca powder helps you with blemishes that come up on your skin. These are mostly on the face area. This powder also helps reduce acne, so if you have these issues you should try and use maca powder. You can add maca to shakes, but not too much because it may increase heart rate.

7. Cucumber Salad for Swelling

image by pauladeen

Cucumber is a great way to reduce swelling. If you are up all night and you need something to help with blemishes you can try this out and once you get up the next morning you will look awesome. This salad will really help you and keep your skin healthy.