7 Best Trends To Wear This Spring

Throw away your winter trends, and hit the mall. You have some shopping to do. These 7 Spring trends are 7 must-haves this spring season. They will make you feel confident, free and beautiful. Trust us when we say that you will want all of these items in your closet. They are bold, beautiful, and items that you can wear with pretty much anything. So, once you are done reading, turn off your device and hit the mall. You're going shopping.

1. The Kimono

You can wear the kimono with anything. They are an easy, breezy, and fun trend to try out this spring. You can wear them with a solid colored dress, shorts, and jeans. Anything goes with a kimono.

2. Floral Pants

These are about to be the most fun trend out this spring. You don't have to be afraid to wear bold printed pants. There are several ways to wear these pants and feel confident while doing it. You can make these look casual, but also dress them up to look more sophisticated. You can wear these with a graphic tee, and some booties, or if you're feeling the more classy look, throw on a top that is the same color as one of the hues in your pants, and don't forget to add a statement necklace.

3. The Denim Jacket

Denim is a timeless trend if you know how to wear it right. it's a lighter jacket, and a jacket that one can do so much with. The best way to wear this trend is with a floral dress or some printed pants.

4. The Neon Heel

The heel is timeless, but what's even better is the neon heel. They have 'Spring' written all over them. Jump into spring with these fantastic heels. Wear them with anything, and you are guaranteed to go out in style. You can buy these at any department store.

5. The Skater Dress

Admit it, you always envy that mannequin wearing a cute skater dress when shopping. We don't blame you. We feel the same way. These kinds of dresses demonstrate a comfortable, and springy outfit of choice. They are cute, classy, and can also be fancy. There is no right or wrong way to wear a skater dress. Just make sure to get your hands on one this spring.

6. The Floral Dress

It seems that every spring, the floral dress is always in style. Wee love this trend so much that it's coming back. Nothing says spring like a good floral dress with a great pair of booties, or heels. If you're to try anything this season, it's the floral dress.

7. The Printed Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is your spring fashion secret weapon. Firstly, the skirt is perfect for the not to hot- not to cold temps during the season. These fabulous midis work wonders by making your waist look teeny-tiny, and your legs appear miles long. Rest assured that when you wear your midi with a cute pair of pumps or flats that you will look like a classy young lady. Remember: just because you're wearing a midi doesn't mean you're doing things halfway.