7 Best Ways To Save A Man

It is every woman's dream to keep a man whom she loves and adores so much. Sadly, this is not an easier task since men are the most difficult creatures to handle. However, the following seven ways can help to keep a man.

Never try to separate him from his friends


So, whenever he says he is with his friends or he is going to see them, do not stop him instead wish him a nice time with his friends. What you should do is try to get to know his friends and treat them nicely. Always say positive things about his friends like tell him how good friends are.

Give him some good sex


The truth is that men love sex. If you give him good sex, trust me, he will stay. Tell him how great he is, and how much you want intimate sex with him. Also be ready for any exploration that may he want to during that moment. If you won't he will go out looking for another woman who will give him what he really want.

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Don’t be too demanding


Men really hate women who are too demanding. You want this, you want that! This tends to scare them away since they fear not been able to meet you demands. Therefore, you should not demand too much than he can offer. Instead try to support him especially during hard moments. Be there for him and show you understand his situation.

Dress nicely and always maintain that good figure


He loved you in the first case because of you dressing and that wonderful figure. This should never change. Keep on surprising him with new styles and looks. Make sure you don't eat too much to avoid weight gain which can spoil the nice figure you had. Many women make a mistake by changing how they used to look having in mind that the man already loves her so he cannot leave. Well, by doing so you will be sending away to look for prettier women.

Know what he love most and what he hate most in life


Ask him what he loves and what he hates most. If you know what you man loves so dearly, try and give it to him or help him in doing the things he loves doing most in life. Love and support his mother as he does. On the other hand, avoid doing things he hates most in life because they may annoy him and he can decide to walk away. To be on the safe side never show some hatred to his mother since they are closely and emotionally attached to their mothers.

Don’t be too petty


Men hate women who argue over small and unnecessary things. Show him some understanding and avoid bringing up petty issues. In case of an argument always let him have the final say. This will make him feel so superior and respected.

Give him privacy


The worst thing a woman can do is to intrude into a man's privacy. Do not snoop into his phone to check who he has been talking to. Neither should you follow up to see where he is going. He needed to be away from you? Period! Let him be. Make him believe you can always trust him no matter what he does when you not there or whom he talks to.

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