6 Crafts for Girls

Girls will have a lot of fun when it comes to doing home crafts. There are a lot of crafts out there for girls to do. Basically all we have to do is think of a few crafts and let them have some fun.

1. Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets on Learning Center

Girls love making jewelry and when you are ready you can start teaching your little ones how to make bracelets. Making a bracelet is an easy craft and lots of fun for everyone involved. Your girls can make these and sell them or give them to friends. Bracelets are fun for girls and there are so many different ones that can be made. Once you start making them you can make more and more to add to your collection.

2. Necklaces

DIY by Wilma

Making something other than bracelets is a nice creative craft. If your daughter wants to make some necklaces she is more than welcome. When we think about jewelry we think about necklaces and matching bracelets, so if they want something more to do then making both of these together would be really fun.

3. Paper Dolls

Fabulous DIY ideas

Making paper dolls is really fun. Girls will have a lot of fun making paper dolls and making paper clothing. These little paper dolls are fun and you can make then connect or have them individually so that you can dress them up. Taking some construction paper and getting your paper doll creation started will be a lot of fun.

4. Hair Accessories

When you think about making other items you have to remember that you can also make some nice hair accessories that you can wear. Hair accessory creation is fun and the girls will have loads of fun making different color bows and hair clips. You can give them a nice theme and let them choose what they want from there. they will love the fact that they can make something that they will be able to show off and wear. Hair accessories are fun for the little ones to make, because it gives them more of a creative side to do what they love and to show you their creative energy.

5. Purses

Purses are a girls best friend and making them is even better. You can start by choosing how you want the purse to be made, so that you can see what all you will need. You can take an old pair of shorts and just make a nice little purse. Girls love doing this because they do not have to throw away none of their shorts and or pants. They can use them for other things that matter. Take an old pair and start creating something nice.

6. Lip Balm

Lip balm is more advanced, but you can still make something easy. This is something that will require some supervision if the girls do not know how to make them at first. You can start by just taking the easy step which is creating a strawberry one or something along those lines, so that they can get the hang of what you have to do. This creation is really fun once all of the techniques are down. They will have a blast making their own lip balm and creating different flavors.