7 Most Beautiful Castles in the World

There are a lot of beautiful castles all over the world. You may have heard of some of them, but if not you should see the list of the ones worth visiting. There are some nice places in America that we have not yet been able to visit.

1. Bamburgh Castle (London)

Image by horizonap

The Bamburgh Castle is located in London. This castle is a wonderful sightseeing adventure. You will love to see this up and close. The Bamburgh Castle is a nice place for events that you are having. You can have your wedding event here along with other events that you may be wanting to have at the castle. You will love the whole Ocean view of this castle, so take a trip to see up close what you are missing.

2. Leeds Castle (London)

The Leeds Castle is also stationed in London. This is another castle that is places right on the water. You will know when you see it, because of the nice white stone and the wonderful view. This is a great place to visit, because it is named the loveliest castle in the world. There are so many parts to this castle that it is insane and I am sure you will not be done viewing in one day.

3. Eilean Castle (Scotland)

Image by redbubble

Eilean Castle is located in Scotland and it is one castle that you have to see when you get the chance. Scotland is a wonderful place to visit and when you look inside of this castle you will feel awesome. You will see some really nice sights and a lot of different decorations. You have to be sure that you know if you can take a tour, because there are many castles that may have a time of the year or month when they do tours.

4. Kronborg Castle (Denmark)

Kronborg castle is in Denmark and you will find that this castle is beautiful inside and out. This castle is huge and you can see the view once you start getting close. One view of the castle is when you are up in the air. You can see the area where the castle is sitting and what is surrounding it which is water. You will see that this is almost another place all to itself. Taking some pictures and a trip to Denmark may be in your near future if you want to experince this castle viewing.

5. Beaumaris (Wales)

The Beaumaris castle is one that you may not see often. This castle is basically shaped different and looks different from the others. This castle is more of an older look than the others are and it looks like it was built a few years ago, but it is pretty big and sits very different. You may like this one since it is different and something that you do not usually see from a castle.

6. Bran Castle (Romania)

Romania has their castle which is known as the Bran castle. You will see that it looks like a nice castle and it does not differ from other castles that you see all the time. Each castle is different in their own way, because they all carry some type of memory behind it. You will love the sunset that sets behind this castle, because it makes the Bran look awesome. Romania has a lot of other things that you may be interested in as well, so make sure that you take advantage of all of the touring you can.

7. Chu00e2teau de Chillon (Switzerland)

Looking at this castle it is something out of a nice wonderful storybook. The sight and the sitting of this castle is awesome as well as Switzerland. You may love the sight of this castle and if you like the outside then you may love the inside as well. many of these are not viewable on the inside, so you have to see if they do tours. When you visit Switzerland take advantage of the castles and other things that they have there. This castle may look small, but it is huge in size especially as you get closer.