7 Simple Steps to Speed Up Morning Routine

You are exhausted at the end of the day. Sometimes a good night sleep hardly gets you back on course next morning. You wake up tired with a carry forward foul mood. You are groggy. Rooms are messy. Floors get dirty. You wake up at the crack of dawn to start the morning routine. Your family needs three meals a day. If you've school going kids, you've more work to get the kids ready for school. How do you manage all these tasks, save time and stay on schedule? You can command your morning routine. You just haven't given it your best shot yet. Here are seven simple steps to speed up the process of morning routine.

1. Priority

Housekeeping belongs to home marriage and family. It is part of being a wife and mother. Successful housework including morning routine depends on prioritizing. You may be encouraged and challenged by your husband. Tonight, prioritize your morning routine and watch what happens the next day.

2. Plan


A woman's work in the home involves juggling different activities and dealing with different moods and temperaments from kids, husband, and colleagues at the workplace. You're constantly interrupted. Is it any wonder women get consolation watching Soap Operas?


Soaps are mirror images of a woman’s family. Soaps pacify a woman's real anxieties, satisfy needs and desires. Soap Operas as a discourse reflect and cultivate the psychological disposition of a woman in the home in which the woman is continually engaged in unending responsibilities. No matter how busy you are, remember, "Prior planning prevents poor performance," Brian Tracy wrote in his book on setting achievable "Goals."

3. Purpose


You're wondering if the morning routine work is worth it. You think homemaking is a sideshow in a woman's life. But would you sacrifice marriage and motherhood because you hate the routine of morning chores? How about listening to motivational CD as you go about your work in the morning? That should take your mind off worries as you do your duty. You can't run away from housework.


"Anything that has been learned can be reevaluated and challenged. Anything that has been challenged can be relearned…," Maxwell Maltz wrote in Psycho Cybernetics 2000, updated by Bobbe Sommer. You're keen on improving your morning routine. Evaluate your past performance and plan activities to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.

4. Preparation


You perform a series of tasks which may be totally different, but which add value to your life and the life of family members daily. Some of these tasks are more demanding than others. But all of them are essential. You don't have to do them all at once.


Analyze your situation. Discover what can be done to free space in the morning. Prepare packed lunch for the kids the previous night and keep the food in the fridge. Your husband would be willing to help polish kids’ shoes the previous night, if you involve him.

5. Perseverance


You would not sacrifice raising a family for anything in the world including the tedious morning routine. You persevere. You also have unlimited potential to improve in one or all areas of your morning routine. It's all there up to the last detail. Reach out for the hero within you today and unleash your potential.

6. Performance


"Practice makes Perfect," you've heard it said. Does this phrase really work in real life? You're prone to thinking of failed attempts at parenting. You made and failed to carry through with New Year's resolution to overcome the pressure of morning routine. "This is the year of action," you say. However, other responsibilities sneak up into your busy schedule.

What happened to all the hype you got from the motivational talk about staying focused? First, identify areas of your morning routine that need change. Second, invoke the new pattern you intend to adopt in the change process. Third, take action and focus on accomplishing the task at hand.

7. Product


"Work is love made visible," the poet Gibran said. Housekeeping is only a part of being a home maker, but an essential part nevertheless. Housekeeping is not an end in itself. It is only a means to the end product. Cleaning floors, washing windows, cooking, doing laundry and other chores are necessary to make a home livable and comfortable. How do you rise to the occasion of morning routine?


The focus should not be on unpleasant tasks of the morning routine but on the end product. Important in this process of making a house a home is the homemaker's attitude. It requires sincerity, tender loving care, self-giving, self-discipline.