7 Stunning Swimsuits for this Summer

1. One Piece

Many women know what this swimwear is. You can wear a stunning one piece that you love and that fits your personality. There are a lot of one pieces you may be interested in and would like to wear, so go bikini shopping for the summer in order to find the right one piece swimsuit. You may like the traditional one piece or you might like something with a little more style and an outgoing look to it.

2. Two Piece Bikini Wear

The two piece wear is another traditional look. You can get a solid color that you love or you can go all out and get something that makes you stand out. You might love the ruffles or something that has some kind of light color to it. This one that is in the picture is not for everyone, but in all your searches you may be able to find one that is just like it or similar to the look.

3. Bikini Top and Shorts

Image by kandykoatedxtc

This summer trend is one that is always trending. Wearing a bikini top with some short shorts. This is one that many use a combination of different styles with. You can take your style and just mix and match it to your desire. There are so many different combinations to this suit, so wear your summer wear with style like the picture here or go for something more.

4. All White

If you want something fun and exciting to wear in the summer to the beach try an all white suit. This suite here is nice, but you may love something a lot more. There are a lot of combinations of white bikini wear out there, but sometimes it can stain, so be sure that you choose wisely. All white swimwear is awesome and if you by white sand you will love the fact that your suit will not be too dirty.

5. Vacation Beach Wear

Image by vivanorada

Vacation beach wear is usually something along the lines of a nice looking shirt with some shorts. You will even see something that may look like regular wear, but you can swim in the clothing. You have to look at some of these suits closely because there are a lot of them out there that are bikinis or bikini covers

6. Stripes

Wearing stripes is awesome and there are so many different ones out there. You can have some zebra stripes or just nice plain stripes that you love. You can wear your favorite color stripes along with some nice summer accessories like shades and other things. Stripes are fun and it is nice way to start the summer beach getaway.

7. Lace beachwear

This is for an adult, but you may see some lace swimwear at some of the beaches that allow this. Lace is something that kids should not wear, so keep in mind that this is an adult swimsuit that you can wear if you are comfortable. Many women love to wear these, because they love to show off more skin than others. If you are interested in that then this may be the swimwear for you.