7 Tasty Summer Cocktails

During the summer we look for the best cocktails. We look for nice tasting cocktails that give us a nice little boost. These drinks look great and they are low calorie drinks as well. You can try to make these nice drinks and see how you and your guest like them.

1. Lu2019 Orange ginger carrot

Image by ministryofalcohol

This cocktail is really nice and you can really see the orange. This cocktail is less than 200 calories and it has a splash of vodka. You do not see many of these that are low calorie drinks, but with the whole orange mix you will not be disappointed. This drink is something that you can make in the summer time.

2. Pink Flamingo

Image by ohsheglows

The pink flamingo is another drink that is low calorie. You will notice that it is a 186 calorie drink that you can enjoy. This drink is easy to make and you will love the look of it. You will notice that it is one punch you will have to try in order to believe that it tastes good. The lime wedges gives it that punch factor and taste.

3. Summer Peak

Image by thenest

The Summer Peak is another drink that you and your friends will enjoy. This vodka drink uses a low calorie sweetener in order to keep the calories really low. You can make this drink and have fun with it. You do not have to add the alcohol, but that is usually what a cocktail is. This will be something you can make all the time.

4. Blushing Lady

Image by liquor

The Blushing Lady is a great drink and it is one that you can rest assure is a low calorie drink. This drink is mixed with grapefruit juice and vodka which is a great combination. The best part of this drink is that it is 162 calories which is not bad at all. This is a nice summer drink or special occasion drink.

5. Lemongrass Citrus Cocktail

Image by thenest

The less than 200 calorie drink is really nice looking and you have to try it to actually know if it is good or not. If you like the mojito drinks then you will love this drink as well. I think that it is really nice and with a lot of ice it can be a chilling refreshment. You use naturally sweetened Q tonic to make this drink sweet, but less on calories.

6. Pink Spice

Image by marxfoods

Pink spice lives up to the name all on its own. This is a nice mixture that has lemongrass in it and some other little components. You have a hint of vanilla which is nice when it is mixed with vodka. You will love this nice little drink and yes it is pink as well. This drink is about 193 calories, so if you think that is too much then maybe having one is best.

7. Good Island Beer Sofie

Image by Robert Caputo

This is a beer based drink. If you are a beer lover than you may like this little treat. The beer sofie weighs in at about 212 calories, but it is really nice to have something that someone else might love. Many of not like the fruity drinks, so making a nice beer drink would be a great way to go. This is a great way to end your night and just have some fun. You will love this nice drink that is made with Sofie beer. Make a few and see how everyone else likes it.