7 Ways Teaching You How To Be Happy

Happiness ia a skill you can learn! If you find yourself unhappy and think you have forgotten how to laugh, you might be looking for happiness in the wrong place; or running away from certain things that make you unhappy by ignoring them. Whatever the reason, if you have been feeling unhappy for a long time, it is time to ask yourself some questions... It is up to each person to find his or her own answer to the question, 'how can I be happy?' We need to identify the things that make us happy and unhappy and choose to change latter.

1. Don't put it off! Take action now!

There is no need to wait for the New Year or until next Monday for a new perspective. You can do it as soon as you wake up on any morning. If something is really bothering you, then that moment is the best time to take action. When you are uncomfortable with something you actually know the answer. The best way to find the best answer is to stay alone and ask yourself the most important questions, for example, 'I am troubled by my job, by my boss, WHY DO I WORK?' You will open a lot of new in yourself!

2. Unhappiness Is Also Temporary


Nobody's parents are the parents children want them to be. Nobody is the best teacher. None of the schools appeal to the families. These unhappy circumstances interact with one another, growing incrementally every day instead of decreasing. You need to let yourself go with the flow of time in order to break this vicious cycle.

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3. Beware The Momentary Anger


At particularly difficult times, psychologists suggest going somewhere where you can close your eyes, and staying there for a moment. Momentary panic, irritability or anxiety goes away after a while. But your mood at that moment can affect your physical and mental health. And when you experience more and more of these momentary irritabilities, you become an unhappy person. Scarcely anything makes you happy. Ultimately, we all die some day, so you may as well make the most of it and live as happily as you can.

4. Think Simple


Do you do something to cheer yourself up when you get home in the evening, even if you have had a particularly bad day? One poet said, 'We've grown up and the world has become polluted', but in fact, it is not the world but we who are polluted. If only we could see life through a child's eyes; then we could achieve true happiness. Life is not that complex, we complicate it by creating artificial problems.

5. Appreciate What You Have


People always want more. They almost enjoy looking back and victimising themselves instead of appreciating what they possess. For example, one girl grew up without a father. She was all alone with her mother. They experienced hardship. You wold think that fate had dealt her a cruel hand; you'd feel sorry for her. Now imagine your response to the following version: loosing her father taught her a lot at an early age; the time she spent with her mother and sister was very precious; the short time she got to spend with her father was also invaluable. Loosing her father at an early age made her a stronger individual. We all experience traumas, but if we can look at events from the outside, we will see these traumas or problems actually disappear the next day. We are constantly advised to question our existence. After asking the question, 'Why are we here?' you need to make yourself believe that you came here to be happy!

6. Learn To Be Patient


Patience is instructive. At first, it hurts, you feel tense and you have to force yourself but afterwards, it is an incredible feeling because patience contains many great feelings like tolerance, love, respect, and appreciation. Patience not only shows you that you exist, but also how powerful you are.

7. Visualise!


You need to visualise a goal you set for yourself before you achieve it, because visualising the whole process has made people believe that they can!