7 Ways to Make Sex Life More Exciting and Enjoyable

Happy couples always enjoy having great sex and experiencing unique moments beside each other. Of course, we are talking about committed couples that would never accept doing sex with anyone else but the person to whom they are committed. In other words, it is not just about sex, but about living wonderful moments with the person that you love most.

Seeing this commitment and strong connection between them, it would be nearly impossible to say that such couples experience bedroom boredom – yet they still do. However, both partners are distinguished by their ability to understand that sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Once you are committed to your relationship, it would be practically impossible not to feel like doing sex with your partner, because you will definitely enjoy it once it has been initiated.

To alleviate bedroom blues, you have to understand the basics of a happy and healthy relationship, as well as love and what exactly it involves – putting your partner’s well-being above yours. As a result, if both partners focus on satisfying the other, they will end up fulfilling their fantasies and enjoying their sexual life more than ever before. The following tips will help you alleviate any problems between you and your beloved one, so you will never have to deal with bedroom boredom again.

1. Plan Your Lovemaking Sessions

This is particularly helpful if you have kids. Not only will you have enough privacy, but you will also manage to make sex a regular part of your couple’s life, just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth is.

2. Go for Quickies

If you are the type of person who enjoys long, passionate lovemaking sessions, then it is the right time to bring some changes to your routine. Quickies can be even better than not having any sex at all, allowing you to get intimate with each other and go through new experiences together.

3. Be Creative

Sometimes, your sexual intercourse might only need some creativity and not the same boring routine that repeats itself over and over again. Use your imagination deliberately to create memorable moments between the two of you. Get some sexy lingerie, arrange scented candles, music, feathers, flowers, satin sheets, mirrors, even puffy handcuffs, if you want to make your lovemaking sessions more exciting. You will end up having the greatest sex moments in your whole life.

4. Cultivate a Sensible Relationship

Building sexual tension might be better than it sounds, because it helps you become more demonstrative in bed. Cultivate a sensible, touchy-feely relationship that involves showing your love outside of the bed, so you can build the tension between the two of you. This time, you will both end up wildly the next time when you are in bed.

5. Date at Night on a Regular Basis

For many couples, this is basically part of their daily routine, but you are not probably taking it as you should. Dating your partner at night on a regular basis can actually enable you to see each other in different lights, spot changes and remember those moments that you have spent together. Take the effort to dress up nicely, be clean and neat, and your relationship will certainly become better.

6. Be More Communicative

If you expect to have a great sexual intimacy, communicating to each other is essential. Talk about your feelings whenever you feel like doing this, so your partner can see that you are opened and vulnerable in front of him and do the same. Insufficient communication can have many bad outcomes, and this is why you should be more honest to each other and talk about your desires all the time.

7. Have Sex More Often

Apparently, having tons of sex can actually influence your relationship positively, because you will start to enjoy it more than before. In other words, you can awaken your sexual desire by having more sex with your partner. As complicated as it might seem, this is much simpler and significantly more enjoyable than you can imagine.

Try sex marathons – have sex once or twice per day, or consider having sex five or seven days in a row. This will boost your hormones again, which will further lead you to intense sexual desires and a better relationship, as well.