8 Creative “Save the Date” Ideas

There are no traditional or hard core rules when it comes to save the date notices, this is an opportunity for your creativity to shine and to give your guests a glimpse at your personality and possibility the theme of your wedding. In this article are at least 8 creative "save the date" ideas that you can send to your guests approximately six months before your wedding day.

1. Bottle It

DIY Tutorial (source)

This may not be the most inexpensive options to snail mail to your guests, but it will certainly leave a lasting impression. To save on the cost, you can hire a friend to hand deliver these to local guests. Mini champagne or wine bottles (with a personalized label) are an option, but a “message in a bottle” is an excellent choice for beach themed weddings.

2. Tickets


Sports fan? Musicians? Personalized tickets not only announce your prenuptials, but also your express your individual personality.

3. Ornaments


This is a wonderful and creative save the date idea, especially for a December planned wedding. This keepsake will remind your family and friends of your wedding anniversary, year after year.

4. Postcards


Picture postcards are less expensive and less work because they don’t require an envelope. The options are endless regarding the picture(s) to use to announce your love and date of your union.

5. Balloon


Who doesn’t love balloons? This “save the date” choice is fun, easy and inexpensive. They can be pre-printed or you can do them yourself by blowing up the balloon then writing the information on the balloon. Let it deflate and mail to your guests. It will be a fun piece of mail to get among “junk” and annoying bills to pay.

6. Coasters


This option may be the most expensive idea available, so you may want to save this for close friends and family members to remember to toast to your love every time they have a drink in their hand.

7. Mini Desk Calendars


This is one of my personal favorite “save the date” ideas because it is not only something that your guests can use daily, but it will remind them constantly that your wedding date is approaching.

8. Personalized Pen


This is another useful “save the date” idea that your guests can use daily.

9. Magnets


It is rare to find a refrigerator door without magnets, so you can be assured that this “save the date” choice will be seen every day by your guests.

10. Video


A U-Tube video is virtually free, fun to create and with the technology of today, most individuals are computer savvy. It is also possible to make a CD/DVD and send it to all your guests or a face-to-face singing telegram is sure to make a memorable impression on your invited wedding guests.

11. Other Save the Date Ideas

  • Luggage tags are a fun “save the date” idea (especially if your wedding is out of town).
  • Have signs ready to hold up for each of the 4 picture shots announcing your wedding date or wear custom
  • T-shirts if you decide to use Photo Booth Strips.