8 Foods That Will Make You Less Anxious

Anxiety: it can make you feel as if you’re walking a tightrope every day.

1. Delicious avocados

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What a beautiful discovery it is to stumble upon more health benefits associated with such a beloved food such as the avocado. In an attempt to pacify mind-numbing boredom, painful memories, depression, what have you, many of us find ourselves diving into a pot of ice cream or bag of greasy potato chips. Consider this the next time a binge craving strikes: avocados pack loads of vitamin B, a nutrient associated with stress relief. In fact, anxiousfeelings may even be rooted in a deficiency of this particular vitamin - all the more reason to slice some up on a salad or find justification to satisfy a craving for some guacamole!

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2. Green tea

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Doesn’t that frothy beverage look warm and satisfying? Green Tea is no stranger to associations with health benefits, with studies showing effects on Alzheimer’s and cancer prevention as well as increasing cardiovascular health. In a study conducted at a Japanese University, research concluded that sufficient daily intake of the herbal tea resulted in a significant decrease in stress when compared to those who drank less than a cup a day. Perhaps the phrase should amend to read “an apple and a cup of green tea keep the doctor away.”

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3. And if green tea isn't your thing, opt for chamomile.

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Tea in general, as a rule of thumb, tends to be a safe bet when selecting a beverage packing a healthy load of benefits for the mind and body. Like green tea, camomile is one recommended to alleviate personal stress. In this article, discover the link between stress and back pain, as a common human trait associated with stress is the carrying of that weight in the back and neck. Drink a cup before bed, or a few more throughout the day to lighten the load.

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4. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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The benefits we reap from the advancements in science and technology over the recent decades are truly immeasurable. One of many important developments allows us to view mental illnesses causing such symptoms as depression and anxiety as chemically-inflicted. Numerous studies have been conducted to yield the effects of Omega 3 fatty acids on the cognitive controls over mood and certain aspects of personality. Simply put, higher intake of the acid means lowered depression and increased ability to tap into a happier state of being.

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5. Eggs (but how you have them cooked is up to you!)

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Growing up I somehow developed a certain distaste for eggs, much to my own misfortune. Happily, as I grew up and my tastes evolved, or perhaps just discovered the sheer multitude of varieties in its preparation, I developed quite the egg appreciation. Choose between scrambled whites, sunnyside up, deviled, or the Benedict variety for a daily dose of nutrients from Pantothenic acid, B-12 vitamins, to tryptophan - all said to combat anxiety naturally.

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6. Yogurt and other probiotic foods

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Greek yogurt has become one food all the rage these days with health food fanatics. Packed with a large dose of protein per serving, one can hardly argue against its nutritional prowess. In fact, we’re about to pile on the argument in favor of making yogurt a staple in your daily diet. Probiotics have long been associated with simple remedies to alleviate gut-related pain, and there have been multiple sources revealing a link between anxiety or depression and problems in the gut. Logically then, if probiotic yogurt helps to pacify stomach issues, shouldn’t it likewise positively affect its cognitive counterparts?

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7. Beef, rich in vitamin B

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So nothing already included on this list should come as a huge surprise, as most of us are already clued into their otherwise noted health benefits. Here’s one to help improve upon a slightly questionable reputation in the health food circle: beef. Apart from its fat content, beef actually packs a host of important nutrients outside of protein alone. High in zinc, iron, and B vitamins, lean cuts of the cow are actually a wise choice for the health-conscious eater looking for stress reducing dishes.

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8. Whole wheat grains (READ: carbs)

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Thanks to all the anti-carb movements out there, bread gets a bad wrap. And for what? Whole wheat options are hardly worthy of the same category as its sugary all-white cousin (who should be considered the adopted, second and thrice-removed relative). Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Consumption of the whole grain variety releases serotonin in the brain, and takes longer for the body to break down, lifting your mood and slowly releasing sugar into your bloodstream. Just avoid the processed stuff which provides an initial sugar-energy rush followed by insulin-induced lethargia.

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