8 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Eating Breakfast is very important and you have to make sure that you eat. There are a lot of different breakfast ideas you can use in order to ensure that you are eating the right amount and that you are eating what you like.

1. Scrambled Eggs

Image by mommacooks

When you want to make something good you can start with the easiest thing on the market and that is making scrambled eggs. You can make these eggs and add some type of meat or other side to it that will make it a huge meal for you. Once you figure out your dish then this will be a nice breakfast.

2. Waffles

Image by goodlifeeats

Eating waffles and something else will help you start the morning. You can add some scrambled eggs or even a sausage or two. Adding something on the side will help you with all of your breakfast needs. You do not have to eat eggs with your waffles if you do not want to. You can have chicken and waffles if that is something that will help you out. Take the healthy step and bake your chicken if possible.

3. Cinnamon Rolls

Image by toxel

This is not exactly that healthy, but sometimes something sweet will help you get through the morning. These can be made by hand or you can buy them from the store if you do not feel like baking anything homemade. This is a great breakfast for the kids as well, because they will love the icing and the sweetness of the roll.

4. Pancakes

Image by anothermag

Pancakes is usually something that everyone eats. Sometimes you can eat these with other sides, but there are times when you can eat them alone if you do not want to mix the sugary syrup. Pancakes is a great breakfast addon and you can even have other things like eggs or bacon with it as long as you do turkey or something a little more healthier. Pancakes and another side is a great way to have a nice breakfast.

5. Muffins

Image by velvetlava

If you crave something sweet then you can try eating a nice muffin. These are really good when it comes to having breakfast. Sometimes you may want to make a few for the family or for yourself throughout the day, but you can eat a big one if you are worried about being hungry later. Muffins can be different flavors, so it is nice to explore what is out there. These can be made healthy as well especially if you are a baker.

6. Greek yogurt

Image by annies-eats

Greek yogurt is an awesome way to start the morning. This is really healthy and you do not have to worry about using the oven at all. When you are ready to leave the house and go to work or school then you should just grab a greek yogurt for yourself and start the morning off right.

7. Sausage

Image by bhg

You can try an nice healthy sausage alternative to your morning breakfast. This is a great morning starter. You will not be eating nothing bad or greasy, because you can get them and boil them to your desire. These sausages are the ones that come in a long roll and there are different kinds. Make sure you experiment and get something that you will like.

8. Healthy Cereal

Image by romeika_cortez

You can eat some healthy cereal if you are wanting something fast without cooking. Cereal can be very healthy as long as you pick the right one. You can even get some cereal bars if you need something that is a grab and go breakfast. Make sure that you pick a healthy cereal and or cereal bars like special K or one fiber.