8 Healthy Fast Foods

Choosing healthy food on the go certainly poses a challenge, because for the most part, they are very high in sodium, calories and trans fats. For example, a double Whopper (with cheese), an apple pie and medium french fries have more saturated fat that the AHA (American Heart Association) says we should consume within a two day period! Although a challenging task, it is by far not impossible. Today we are offering you 8 healthy fast food choices, but first here are some important tips that you should keep in the front of your mind, when you are placing your healthy fast food order.

  • Avoid supersizing…moderation is the key to living healthy.
  • Read the food description carefully, and choose accordingly. (avoid words like “batter-dipped”, “breaded”, “crispy” and “deep fried”).
  • Drink water with your meal of choice, as a 32 oz. (non-diet) soda will cost you over 400 empty (non-nutritional) calories.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully, which means stopping before you have reached the level of total fullness. By doing this, it not only makes the food last longer, but it gives your body a chance to digest properly.
  • Say no to bacon. I know that many of you are groaning at this tip, but bacon is very high in calories and fat and offers very little nutritional value. To add more flavor to your meals, try extra tomatoes, onions, and/or pickles.

1. Many fast food establishments are making healthier food choices available to the public:

  • The KFC original chicken breast has only 190 calories (when the fried skin is removed).
  • For years people have been raving about Wendy’s chili, and it only contains 220 calories, 6 grams of fat, 5 grams of fiber and 17 grams of protein for a small portion.
  • The Southwest grilled salad that is offered by Chick-fil-A has 240 calories.
  • For only 260 calories, indulge in Panda Expresses Tangy shrimp with some steamed vegetables.
  • Still under 300 calories, McDonalds offers a “snack wrap” (grilled chicken version) for 270 calories.
  • Within the same caloric range as the snack wrap is Arby’s Light Roast Chicken Sandwich at 276 calories.
  • A Hardees small hamburger is just over 300 calories, 35% being fat, 18% being protein and 47% being carbohydrates.
  • A HALF of Napa Almond Chicken salad sandwich at Panera Bread has 350 calories, 15 grams of protein and only 6 grams of sugar.

2. Fast food facts

  • During the 1970s, Americans spent approximately $6 billion dollars on fast food.
  • During 2006, more than $140 billion dollars were pulled from the public’s pockets to purchase fast food.
  • Just in the United States, there are over 300,000 fast food establishments available at your disposal.
  • In Germany, beer is served in some McDonald’s.
  • White Castle’s is considered the first fast food establishment, and is still going strong since 1890.