8 House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be something that you might not like sometimes, but some of these tips will help you. You will be able to clean a little faster than what you are doing these things. They seem like a lot, but this is to help you remember a few things that you need to do.

1. 1. Start with one room

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When cleaning you have to make sure that you start with one simple room. Cleaning one room will keep you focused on that room instead of you bouncing around all over and missing a few things that you do not want to miss. Starting with one main room will help you get things done, so that you will be happy about your cleaning.

2. 2. Start with the biggest room

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In many cases starting with the biggest room can help you. The biggest room usually takes the longest, so if you start with the big room then you can knock that out before you become tired. The biggest room is usually the living room, but many have more than one room, so if this is the cases then start with the biggest room and then go to the next biggest room. If you stay in a two story I would start down stairs and then go up to the next rooms.

3. 3. Vacuum

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This is for the families that have carpet. If you have carpet then you should vacuum all of your carpet areas when you are cleaning. Once you do this then you will not have to do it later, but make sure that you vacuum last, because all of your access stuff will fall to the floor when you start cleaning. Vacuuming is a great way to ensure that the carpet is cleaning.

4. 4. Watch your product use

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When cleaning watch your product use especially if you are using bleach. When you start to clean you can use green products or products that does not have a strong smell, because you do not want your home covered in some of those strong smells. Watching your product use is very important especially if you have children in your home, but it also helps your health as well.

5. 5. Open windows

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When you start using these products especially strong ones be sure you open a window. Opening windows will help your cleaning and it will circulate the air in and out of your home to get rid of those strong smells. When you start cleaning try and open some windows before you start in order to get the air circulating.

6. 6. Use a duster

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Sometimes using a duster will help your home become dust free. Using a duster will help you get rid of all that dust around your ceiling fans and tv area. Dust can have a huge issue on your health, because you are breathing it in all the time. Dusting will help you with all of the dust issues that you are not wanting to deal with.

7. 7. Use carpet cleaner

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Vacuuming your carpet is a must, but you can also get a small carpet cleaner to clean more dirt off the carpet as well. When you use a carpet cleaner this will remove more dirt off of your carpet that you cannot see. Carpet cleaners can be a little expensive, so get a little one that you can use unless you are not too messy with the carpet. Sometimes with kids is can be tough keeping the carpet clean on a daily basis. If the cleaner is something you need it will not hurt to add it to your clean list at least once or twice a month.

8. 8. Make a list

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Try making a list for everything. You can rest assure that if you have a list you can get through everything in one day. Yes you can take breaks, but if you have a list going you will be able to look and do more. Lists will help you get everything you need done in one to two days. You can even do a full week list if you have to do something everyday. Lists will help you and get you started, so try them out and see how far you get with cleaning.