8 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Sun

There are a lot of ways you can protect your hair from the sun. When you are outside and need some protection you can use these little tips to help you protect your hair.

1. Hat

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Wearing a hat is one way to protect your hair from the sun. You can wear something really nice and elegant if you do not want to wear a baseball cap. If you are going to a baseball game then a baseball cap may be something that you would want to do.

2. Protective Style

A protective style means that you put your hair up in some type of bun or braid it in order to protect it from the sun. There are a lot of styles that you can use, so make sure that you try them out before going out into the hot sun. You can look up a lot of hairstyles, so make sure that you find the one that works for you.

3. Umbrella

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Well this is usually something that you do not do unless you are going to a game or something, but an umbrella is a nice way to protect your hair. Many people use this in order to sit in the sun when they are at an event like an outdoor game.

4. Moisture

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Moisturizing your hair is one thing that you have to do when it is hot outside. Make sure that you get a nice product in order to moisturize your hair, because it will need it. Think of it like it is a flower. Basically flowers need water, so your hair needs moisture to grow and stay healthy.

5. Head Scarves

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Headscarves is another thing that will keep your hair protected from the sun. You can wear these when you have nothing else to wear outside and if you do not want to wear a hat. These come in all kinds of colors, so make sure that you use them for your benefit.

6. Use Heat Protectant

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When you are ready to go out try and use a nice heat protectant in order to keep it protected. When you use a heat protectant that will help your hair stay in its range of moisture and you can stay outside for a little bit, but make sure you always take something like a scarf so that you can protect it better.

7. Prevent Chlorine Damage

Swimming is fun, but make sure that you always protect your hair from a lot of chlorine damage. When you go to a friends house to swim be sure that you know how much chlorine is in the pool or just make sure to take some breaks from the water.

8. Use Lighter Conditioner

You can use a lighter conditioner as well instead of something really heavy. Sometimes conditioner can hurt you a little more than help when it comes to the sun. Using something lighter to conditioner your hair especially leave in conditioner will help you out.