8 Wedding Photography Ideas

When getting married there are so many different photos that you may want to add to your album. Well once you start brainstorming you may want to add a few of these ideas to your wedding album.

1. Groom Sees Bride First Time

Image by sandalsweddingblog

This would make a great picture album, because this is when you see the groom get excited about the dress. Remember the wedding dress is not seen by the groom, so this would be his first time looking at the bride in her new bridal gown. This is a great moment and it should be captured.

2. Dance Floor Background Lights

Image by stylemepretty

On the dance floor you can take pictures as well. I think that the first slow dance is a nice picture and if you need a back drop lights would be a great addition. Taking a nice picture as the two dance the night away is a nice photo to add to your wedding album. The scene is beautiful and it is one of the happiest moments you would want to collect.

3. Altar Standing

Image by elizabethannedesigns

This is the right moment to take a picture. When you are looking at both bride and groom at the altar you will have a nice moment. This is a great picture to add to your album, because it shows the first time you met at the altar and the first time you were able to say your I dos. This would make a wonderful picture for your album.

4. Altar Kiss

Image by John Stillwell/PA Wire

You should always capture the kiss after the I do. This is the most wonderful time of their lives and after it is all said and done you would love to capture this moment on photo. Adding this to your album is a must, because when you start looking back you will love the memories that you have created. The altar kiss is the kiss that is in the Aww moment.

5. Dancing

Image by Craig Mitchelldyer

When you are wanting to add to your album you should have a lot of dancing photos. These photos capture the moments that you would always want to capture. These are some nice photos for everyone to see and you can add them to your wedding album for a nice viewing. These photos will last a lifetime.

6. Cut of the Cake

Image by jlentertainmentservices

Cutting the cake is one of the nice album add ons that you should really add to your wedding photos. Cutting the cake is something that you would love to relive over and over again. These are some really good photos to take so that you and your spouse can look at them over and over again. The cake cutting is a nice wedding memory that you and your spouse will love.

7. Bride and Groom First Toast

The toast is one of the other highlights of the ceremony. This is a huge picture moment especially if you love collecting photos. The bride and groom have their first toast of the evening together. This is one that you have to remember when you are looking through those memory albums. You can catch this from all angles no matter where you are sitting.

8. Leaving Hand in Hand

Leaving hand in hand is the end of the ceremony or it can be the start, because at the end of the altar you will see bride and groom leaving hand in hand, so this is something that you would want to catch when you start collecting the photos. If you are a photographer then you have to make sure that you get this shot, because it is really something to remember.