9 Habits that Could Ruin Your Marriage or Resolve All Conflicts

Marriage relationships are inhibited by lost feeling of love, lies and mistrust. These among other things causing spouses sleepless nights could lead to separation and eventual divorce if not checked.


Suspecting your partner of infidelity hurts. Discovering your partner is unfaithful could be more painful. You need peace of mind to focus on raising a family and meet other obligations in life. Is it better to tiptoe around any of these issues or pursue every clue that might reveal the truth, no matter the consequences? There is no quick fix it to the challenges most couples face in marriage. However, you cannot sit back and let your marriage go down the drain in ruins. How do you blast the brick wall of misunderstanding between you? Take a look at the following ten habits that could ruin or resolve your marriage conflicts.

1. Lost feeling of love


You want to have a steaming romance, work at it. Take time to discover what turns your partner on and you're on the way to a healthy sex relationship with the spouse. The fixation on sexual intercourse exposes deficit in skills most couples experience. So what if he is not good in the sack today as he was when you got married three years ago? That is no reason for you to start doubting he is having an affair.


Healthy sexuality is about pleasure. Pleasure is not necessarily derived from sexual intercourse. Women more than men rely on a touch in the right place, caressing, massage, kissing.

2. Lies do not last long


You should not lie about the existence of a child before you met, status of your earlier relationship, financial obligations you have for your family, chronic illness. The moment he knows you have all along lied about any of these things, cracks will emerge and you could have just dug the grave for your marriage by telling a lie. If you have a genuine concern to assist your parents, share it with the husband. Do not keep him in the dark.

3. Let go of self righteousness


Intellectuals scoffed at Columbus discovery that the world is round. "Don't confuse us with facts; our minds are made up," they said. Flat earth believers had vested interest, they turned against Columbus with a vengeance for challenging their view of the universe. If you're stuck up in being right in marriage, you miss out on the contribution of the partner over issues of mutual concern.

4. Lift off the lid of limitation


You're under false impression you're not good enough for your partner. If so, you've put a lid over your potential to be the best marriage partner. If you listen and accept playback of the old tape on limitation as gospel truth, you end up banging your head against a brick wall trying to please your partner. Be real. That is the person he fell in love with in the first place. Trying to join the bandwagon of the Khardasian's will not change who you’re.

5. Listen to your inner voice and look for alternatives


It is always better to know the truth. Your heart is at rest when you know the facts. It makes decision easier, as opposed to being restless yet you're uncertain whether or not he is cheating on you. Most importantly, you should be willing to forgive and move on with your life as a family unit. In order for marriage to work, the two of you have to learn to love like a child. If you don't you will hate your partner and leave him or her.

6. Love like a child


You know men and women who dated and dumped at the slightest mistake. Could this be the reason why the world is full of divorced women? You could have dumped Mr. Right along the way thinking he's a wrong number. Couples could borrow a leaf from kids – they love whole heartedly and unconditionally. Even when the parents are deemed ugly, poor, social misfits, children will always love their parents. When kids get home from school, playing, they rush to hug their parents. That is the kind of love couples ought to share in order to avoid ruining the marriage.

7. Live in the Present


If communication in marriage is riddled with negative superlatives, such as, "What is wrong with you? You’re always hurting me..." and if talk about investments, stress at work, children and other irrelevant topics dominate your conversation, romantic love is eroded.

8. Lead by example


Your man is the head of the home. He is also the leader, protector and husband. Your children look up to him for direction and guidance. No matter what kind of pressures he faces, he cannot abdicate the responsibility of leadership in the home.

9. Lean on one another


It is important that you have sexual attraction and emotional chemistry between you two. Respect is not a trait you should dismiss because it is what predicts how you fight and whether or not the two of you get through the rough patches in marriage. Spiritual harmony is also important. Your perception of a higher power and the role the power plays in your life should match. You need each other to lean on for support and encouragement. Ignore any of these ten habits and your love life is ruined. Embrace them and your marriage stands the test of time.