How To Create The Ideal Wardrobe

At the beginning of each year, we go through our closets and get rid of the clutter. That's why we collect the best rules of creating the ideal wardrobe.

1. First

We suggest separating your wardrobe into four categories.

2. The first category

SOUL STIRRERS. This category should include only items that you love. It is always very difficult to throw away your favorite thing, because you seem to tear off a piece of your heart.

3. The second category

BASICS. Tees, camisoles, rudimentary staples you wear regularly. As for essential pieces you should always have in you closet: a classic white button-down, a versatile blazer, a dark-wash jean, a trench coat, and a figure-flattering, day-to-night dress.

4. The 3rd category

PIECES YOU RARELY OR NEVER WEAR THAT ARE IN GOOD SHAPE. Give them away. Not only your sisters and other relatives will be glad to wear that items, but you may also give them to orphanages or special centers for homeless. You'll get rid of things and will earn some points for your karma.

5. And the last category

ITEMS THAT ARE IN SOME STATE OF DISREPAIR. Just throw them away. When you throw the old junk, it's recommended for you to imagine that with him you get rid of everything bad in the life. Then, only positive emotions are guaranteed for you. After all, with the new clothes you will open a new page in you life!