How To Make A Sexy Makeup

The secret to the right of sexual makeup has long been discovered by Hollywood actress! Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Blake Lawley and other famous women believe that the best weapon of seduction are a radiant face and moist lips.


Skin is the main point in creating sexual makeup Face Tone plays a big role in creating sexual images. Smooth leather with a slight glow and blush is the perfect canvas on which to paint the rest.

Beauty Set: Tone cream with reflective particles, base makeup, concealer, loose powder and light highlighter.

Application Technique
  • Select the base for the face: green - redness masks for inflammation and lilac - "erases" yellowing and age spots, Rose - refreshing, yellow - will easily cope with a bluish tinge.
  • Make-up artists recommend a flat brush to apply the tone: so you will achieve uniformity and use 2 times less money. If your skin is in good condition, give preference to light tonal shades of warm fluid (cold can create the effect of inaccessibility and rapacity), masking the skin around the eyes, nostrils and minor flaws special concealer.
  • Tap blush cheekbones only slightly so as not to detract from the eyes and making notes completely opposite baby doll. With its neutral, natural shades.
  • Secure the tone transparent crumbly powder highlighter and highlight a few areas: the top of the cheekbones (visually opens, rejuvenates the face and distracts attention from the circles under the eyes), whiskey, the sides of the forehead and the area above the eyebrows (above the forehead makes and relief), as well as the front bridge of the nose (evens).

Eyes are fascinating

Smoky eye make up was invented back in the 20s of the last century and has become the most popular means of transformation into a languid, sexy, seductive cat. The times of silent films have already passed, but still smoky eyes can tell a lot more of your mouth!

Beauty Set: 3-4 shade shadows single color and stable base, a soft eyeliner, mascara lengthening or volume. Note ready sets, which are combined to make up all of the desired products.

Application Technique
  1. Degrease the eyelid skin lotion and apply a base shadow (or powder) - these techniques will help to avoid shedding and spreading of cosmetics.
  2. The thin line of the upper and lower eyelids held as close to the lashes, make them visually thicker. Make sure that the contours were not sharp, using a soft pencil and a cotton swab or sponge for shading.
  3. The secret smoky eyes - a smooth transition from dark to light: Apply on the entire eyelid shade - the basis of intermediate shades, the darkest - at the outer corners of the eyes and on the mobile eyelid to the crease and light beige or white - highlight under the brow area . The lower eyelid is set off from the outer corner of the eye to the center, and to highlight the inner corner light shadows. Blend well the borders between all the colors! In order not to look like a gothic princess, use the gray and brown (shades of your favorite stars!) Or alternative blue, purple and green, and black professionals leave.
  4. The Final Touch - black mascara deposited in 2 layers.

Sensual lips

Soft, alluring, plump - it's all about the lips that want to kiss! Despite the fact that in this make-up running the show eyes, lips are gray eminence, on which depends, followed by a continuation of history of seduction.

Beauty Set: Reflective pencil, nourishing balm, lip gloss shade of nude or transparent shine.

Application Technique
  1. The pre-applied to the lips a soft scrub to make your skin soft and smooth. Nourishing Balm done after peeling, will be an excellent basis for shine.
  2. A special reception makeup artists - lightening Cupid's bow (the concave edge of the upper lip) highlighter in pencil or brush. This simple trick visually make your lips bigger and more attractive!
  3. Leave the red, purple, brown and berry shades of lipsticks and glosses for another time - that make up all the emphasis should be on the eyes. You can leave a balm on the lips and can cause slight shimmering sheen, close to the skin tone - the choice is not difficult! Sexy make-up depends on these three components, not on your make-up application skills.